What Are The Benefits of Preventative Sealcoating

What Are The Benefits of Preventative Sealcoating

Preventative sealcoating is of the utmost importance for the look, condition, and reliability of parking lots. Properly applied sealcoating will stop moisture from moving below the top layer, compromising the base and leading to cracking. This strategic prevention of moisture prevents water damage that will inevitably ruin this important part of your property. The last thing you need is moisture trapped below the upper asphalt layer as it will freeze and spur potholes, cracks, etc.

Preventative Sealcoating Extends the Life of Your Asphalt

Most people assume the total cost of asphalt is simply the material cost added to the labor cost. However, those who understand the details of this industry are aware the true cost of asphalt must include the length of time it lasts prior to replacement. Alternatively, it might be necessary to tear out the asphalt in a couple years if it is not properly protected with a sealcoat. Do not let this happen to your property and budget. Tearing out asphalt is inconvenient for you, your customers, and your employees. Opt for professional parking lot maintenance services to maximize the lifespan of your lot, save you money, and keep your property presentable.

Preventative Sealcoating Guards Against Harmful Oil and Gas Spills

Vehicles will drip gas, oil, and other automotive fluids every now and then. If your asphalt is not properly protected, it will be subjected to extensive damage from these harmful fluids and chemicals. Such harsh substances gradually weaken and damage the surface, causing premature deterioration. The end result is costly maintenance and replacement. Properly performed preventative sealcoating stops gas and oil from moving down below from the get-go, providing a golden opportunity for early detection and subsequent action. Keep in mind, it is not only massive delivery trucks and sport utility vehicles that can drip harmful fluids onto your property. Everyday vehicles also drip these fluids from time to time. Invest in preventative sealcoating to keep your lot in elite condition and you won’t have to worry about your lot being compromised by drips and spills.

Preventative Sealcoating Decreases Your Repair Costs

Preventative sealcoating has reached a mainstream tipping point primarily because it guards against water damage and other forms of damage while beautifying important spaces. From gas, oil, moisture and beyond, all sorts of threats loom. Do not let these fluids seep down into your parking lot. What starts as a small eyesore will eventually become a nasty pothole or even alligator cracking that requires even more money and effort to repair. Once you crunch the numbers, you will find it makes more sense to pay for preventative sealcoating every two years than it does to shell out for a series of repairs. The worst case scenario is failing to sealcoat and ending up with a massive bill for a full replacement. You can pay much less by opting for a sealcoating every two years. Though this project will certainly cost some money, it is well worth it as the investment will pay for itself as time progresses in the form of reduced repair costs.

Preventative Sealcoating Enhances the Look of Your Asphalt

Have your property sealcoated at least once every couple years and you will notice a meaningful visual difference. The asphalt will look new, featuring the same hue it had on the day it was initially installed. The end result of your sealcoated property will be a space that looks visually impressive, welcoming, and professional. This is the polished aesthetic your business needs to attract new customers, retain employees and keep your property at its best.

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