Asphalt Maintenance: How Professionals Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Asphalt Maintenance: How Professionals Maintain Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Let the Professionals Maintain Your Tampa Bay Asphalt Parking Lot for Improved Utility and Aesthetics

Parking lot maintenance is essential to your Tampa Bay property’s functionality, as well as its visual appeal. If you own or manage a Tampa organization of any variety in which there is an asphalt parking lot, asphalt maintenance is an absolute necessity.

Asphalt Maintenance to Eliminate Cracks

Though asphalt can last upwards of a couple decades, cracks will inevitably occur. These cracks can form due to the presence of moisture as well as pressure from traffic above. It is even possible for weeds to grow out of these cracks and create unsightly blemishes on your Tampa property. Such growth even has the potential to contribute to the breakdown of the pavement surface.

Asphalt maintenance will eliminate the cracks, potholes and dips so your property can stand the test of time and look its best. Have those cracks filled and your pavement won’t be breached by water that can wreak all sorts of havoc. Dry pavement stays strong and solid across posterity.

Have Your Tampa Bay Parking Lot Sealcoated

Every Tampa Bay parking lot should be sealcoated at least once every couple years. Sealcoating slows down the breakdown of pavement to ensure moisture, debris and other threats do not sabotage your parking lot. In general, a sealcoating should be applied once every two years to ensure the parking lot stays in tip-top shape.

Parking Lot Striping

Have your Tampa parking lot re-striped as soon as you notice the markings have faded. Re-striping does much more than keep your parking lot looking fresh. It makes all markings clearly visible so drivers and pedestrians can move about in an orderly manner. Re-striping your Tampa parking lot really does have the potential to prevent accidents. Furthermore, it makes your Tampa parking lot look that much better to boot.

Eliminate Stains

Take a close look at the next Tampa parking lot you pull into and you will likely notice stains and other markings. Vehicles drip oil, gas, and other fluids that leave ugly stains. Our asphalt maintenance team will eliminate these stains so your Tampa parking lot can look its best. Aside from being unsightly, such stains can break down your lot’s integrity and significantly weaken the surface. Let us eliminate the stains from your lot so it looks and functions like it should.

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