What Are the Effects of Heavy Rain on Asphalt?

What Are the Effects of Heavy Rain on Asphalt?

How can rain negatively affect asphalt?

The best in the asphalt paving business advise local property owners to invest wisely for annual asphalt maintenance. Take preventative action today to safeguard your pavement, especially before the storm season. Rain can have a negative effect on asphalt if the water is allowed to pool in the parking lot. Below, we provide an in-depth look at the impact of rain on asphalt and how to prevent the need for asphalt repair.

How Rain can Damage Your Asphalt

Rain on asphalt might seem harmless yet it can cause serious issues with your parking lot. Rain on asphalt has the potential to cause cracking, large potholes, depressions, and other damage. If proper preventative maintenance is scheduled, property owners do not have to worry about the effects of rain on asphalt.

Why Water is Such a Problem for Asphalt Parking Lots

Pavement that cracks will prove highly vulnerable to rain, sleet, hail, etc. If enough time passes, rainwater will gradually wear away at the unprotected asphalt and compromise the support layer below the pavement. As most Floridians know, the sunshine state receives more than its fair share of rain. The unpredictable weather is likely to lead to standing water, especially if your property lacks adequate drainage.

If enough water hits your asphalt parking lot, it will destroy the bond between the binder and the aggregate. Once the bond between the binder and aggregate deteriorate, the pavement will become weaker and susceptible to significant damage. Water that moves below the sub-base has the potential to undermine the pavement’s structural integrity.

Heavy rain that leads to tiny cracks must be treated in a timely manner. Otherwise, these unaddressed cracks will grow larger over time, resulting in much more damage. Continue to neglect this problem and your parking lot will likely have alligator cracking that makes your pavement visually unappealing and unsafe.

The Remedies for Heavy Rain’s Impact on Asphalt

Sealcoating safeguards asphalt from pooling water. Sealcoating is a shield added in the form of liquid across your parking lot. Invest in sealcoating and you will have done your part to decrease the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, heavy rain, and automotive fluids. Regular parking lot maintenance will also help protect your parking lot. Have your parking lot maintained to repair and prevent cracks, potholes, and other issues from arising.

Proper drainage will mitigate the impact of rain on asphalt. Sadly, plenty of parking lots in Florida lack the parking lot paving installation/design necessary to facilitate water runoff away from the property. However, solutions are available to enhance your parking lot’s drainage. Everything from asphalt curbing to the strategic use of slopes, inlets, and grassy spaces can bolster your parking lot’s drainage.

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