Why Oil Stains are a Major Concern

Why should you take care of oil stains in your parking lot?

Oil stains can cause extensive damage to your asphalt parking lot. Knowing how to remove oil stains from your parking lot is key to keeping damage to a minimum. Staying proactive by removing oil stains from the asphalt as soon as possible can keep your parking lot looking great. Working with a local company offering parking lot maintenance is also important in making sure the pavement remains in excellent condition.

Here are the main reasons why oil stains are a major problem for parking lots.

Oil Stains Shorten the Lifespan of Pavement

An oil-based stain can penetrate the surface of your asphalt and cause long-lasting damage. Knowing how to act fast is essential to removing an oil spot from your pavement. You can usually cover the oil stain with water and dish soap to prevent it from staining your parking lot. Pressure washing the oil spot is especially effective at returning your asphalt pavement to its original condition.

Oil Stains Reduce Curb Appeal

Understanding how to remove oil stains from your parking lot is also important in maintaining curb appeal. On the other hand, numerous oil stains across your parking lot always make a poor impression on your visitors. Taking the additional time to remove the oil stains in your parking lot requires work, but it’s well worth the effort for property managers.

Oil Stains Become Difficult to Remove Over Time

One of the disadvantages of waiting too long to remove an oil spot is that it can be more difficult to get rid of on your own. Using a paper towel to blot the stain isn’t going to be effective for an older stain that’s already seeped into the pavement. Reaching out to asphalt professionals is recommended if you are dealing with an oil stain that’s hard to remove. These professionals have access to the best tools to remove even the most challenging oil stains.

How to Easily Remove Oil Stains from Your Parking Lot

You can often use a variety of methods to get rid of oil stains. One way to remove oil stains is to spray the pavement with a pressure washer before adding liquid soap and water while scrubbing the area with a stiff brush.

You can even use numerous household items, such as kitty litter or powdered laundry detergent, to absorb the excess oil. Cat litter is especially effective at absorbing recent motor oil and grease stains, or you can sprinkle baking soda to remove a fresh oil stain on your parking lot. You will need to let the baking soda soak for around 30 minutes before cleaning the stain with a bristle brush and using water to wash it away.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Asphalt Pavement from Oil Stains

Knowing how to remove oil stains from your parking lot is only one aspect of keeping your pavement well-maintained. Hiring an asphalt contractor to sealcoat your pavement is one of the best options for giving your parking lot even better protection against oil stains. Sealcoating also protects your pavement against UV rays. Choosing to sealcoat your pavement at least every three years will boost the curb appeal of your pavement while giving it much-needed protection.

Contact ACPLM for Oil Stain Removal

ACPLM understands how to remove oil stains from parking lots. Our experienced team can easily remove oil stains while also providing other parking lot maintenance services. We also specialize in parking lot repair services to help maximize the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. Meeting the needs of each client while maintaining curb appeal is always our priority.

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