Removing Oil Spots and Stains

Removing Oil Spots and Stains

How to Remove Oil Spots and Stains

Oil spots and stains are never appealing for a business and can eventually damage your asphalt parking lot by causing deterioration. Understanding the most effective ways to remove oil spots is essential in extending the lifespan of your parking lot. Routine parking lot maintenance plays a key role in reducing oil spots and is an excellent investment for commercial property owners and managers in Florida. Taking the extra time to remove oil spots will protect the structural integrity of your parking lot while also boosting curb appeal.

Here are a few of the most common ways to remove oil stains in an asphalt parking lot.

Remove & Replace Damaged Asphalt

One of the best ways to eliminate oil stains is to contact a company that specializes in asphalt repair services. These professionals can remove and replace damaged asphalt without damaging the structure of the parking lot. Sealcoating asphalt parking lots is also useful in preventing the recurrence of oil stains. Burning oil spots is another way to remove these stains, but it is not always recommended due to the possibility of damaging the structural integrity of the asphalt parking lot.

Replace Asphalt with Concrete

A concrete parking lot is the most effective way to counteract oil stains. A concrete parking lot is seldom compromised by leaky oil from vehicles and only requires routine cleaning for the best results. Concrete is also a great option for heavy traffic areas and is highly durable. However, asphalt removal and replacement is the next best choice if a concrete parking lot isn’t an option.

Pressure Wash the Parking Lot

Pressure washing a parking lot is another way to remove oil stains. Applying a commercial-grade cleaner and scrubbing the area is essential before you begin pressure washing the parking lot. Contacting professionals to perform these services is always a good idea to avoid any damages. Adding a small amount of degreaser to the sprayer during the clean-up process is also useful in removing oil spots from a parking lot.

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