ACPLM is Open! Schedule your Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Services Now!

ACPLM is Open! Schedule your Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Services Now!

ACPLM is open and ready to assist you with your parking lot repair, maintenance, and sealcoating needs.

With much of the nation following stay-at-home orders and trying to minimizing their outings, many businesses are noticing that in-person customer traffic is slow or non-existent. However, these slow periods provide a terrific opportunity to tackle some of the items you’ve been meaning to do, like your parking lot maintenance tasks.

Visitors to your business may mistakenly believe that your neglected parking lot is a sign of how you run your company or organization. ACPLM is open for business, and we’re ready to handle all your parking lot repairs so your company can put its best foot forward.

Here are a few maintenance and parking lot repair tasks to explore for your business.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair

If your parking lot is in good condition overall but has a few areas with potholes or cracks, asphalt repair will remove these blemishes so that your parking lot looks as good as new. A parking lot filled with potholes isn’t an inviting sight for your customers, and it poses a hazard to individuals driving to or from your business. Asphalt repair fills in these holes and cracks, and you can select the repair method that fits your timeline and budget.

Parking Lot Striping and Parking Lot Repair

When customers pull into your parking lot, it’s frustrating if they have to squint to see your parking lot lines. Parking lot lines should be dark and easy to view; over time, parking lot lines will fade due to exposure to the elements. Fortunately, parking lot striping is an effective way to redo your parking lot’s lines. During your striping session, you can also add directional lines or “enter” and “exit” markings to better direct your visitors.

Full Depth Reclamation

If your parking lot has cracks that have been there a while, it’s possible that moisture has seeped into the cracks and penetrated the bottom layer of your asphalt. Should this happen, you can fix the damage with full depth reclamation.

Full depth reclamation involves pulverizing your existing asphalt and mixing it with new materials to rebuild and reinforce your parking lot’s base. Not only will full depth reclamation strengthen your base and prolong its lifespan, but it’s cheaper than rebuilding the base with completely new materials.

Parking Lot Repair – Sealcoating

After going through the process of asphalt paving or asphalt repair, you want to protect your investment. Sealcoating is a parking lot repair that involves adding a protective layer to your parking lot. This layer will protect your parking lot’s asphalt from further damage, and it will keep the surface looking like new. For the best results, you should apply a new layer of sealcoating every few years.

Asphalt Overlays

If your parking lot has areas that have deteriorated to the point that simple asphalt repair methods are no longer an option, an asphalt overlay may be an alternative to completely replacing the asphalt. An asphalt overlay adds a new layer of pavement to the damaged area. Any holes or imperfections will be fixed, and you won’t have to go through the process of a more intensive parking lot repair, such as complete asphalt replacement.

Drainage Enhancement

If a heavy rain leaves your parking lot with a lot of standing water, it’s time to explore options to enhance your drainage. Standing water poses a slippage risk to your customers and it can cause your asphalt to prematurely wear out. Depending on the layout of your parking lot, you may need to add trenches or gutters to improve your drainage. Or, your catch basin might need repairs if it’s leaking or not properly diverting water away from your parking lot.

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