6 Reasons to Seal Asphalt Pavement in Your Parking Lot

6 Reasons to Seal Asphalt Pavement in Your Parking Lot

Why you should seal asphalt in your parking lot.

Asphalt pavement is a wise investment. To keep your asphalt looking its best, it’s essential to schedule regular parking lot maintenance.

One of these maintenance tasks is applying a layer of sealcoating.

Asphalt sealcoating consists of asphalt or a coal tar pitch combined with fillers and additives. It’s applied in thin layers to protect and seal asphalt. Here are some reasons to seal your asphalt pavement.

You Can Maximize Your Asphalt’s Lifespan

Asphalt lasts 10 or more years before it requires major rejuvenation work. To make sure your asphalt has a lengthy lifespan, it’s vital to schedule regular parking lot maintenance.

Applications of sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt. Ideally, you should add a new layer of sealcoat to seal asphalt every three to four years (depending on the condition and age of your asphalt). After new asphalt paving, a layer of sealcoating isn’t needed until at least 1 year after the paving is complete. This gives the asphalt time to properly cure.

The sealcoating adds a black hue to your asphalt; the darker your asphalt, the better its ability to respond to pressure from passing vehicles. Thanks to the additional pliability provided when you sealcoat asphalt, your asphalt is less likely to incur damage.

Seal Asphalt to Close Off Small Cracks

Over time, your asphalt may develop small cracks that aren’t quite large enough for asphalt repair. If left unprotected, these cracks will increase in size due to moisture penetration inside the cracks. The freezing and refreezing will stress and damage the asphalt even more.

However, when you seal asphalt, it also seals these small cracks. They won’t be readily visible and the sealcoat will prevent moisture from entering the asphalt.

A Layer of Seal Coating Protects Against Multiple Sources of Moisture

One of the top advantages of sealcoating is that it protects your asphalt from moisture. Rain and weather-related precipitation aren’t the only risks to your parking lot; fluids from vehicles, such as oil and transmission fluid, can also affect and corrode your asphalt. The sealcoating process will seal the asphalt and reduce the chance of liquids damaging your parking lot.

Your Asphalt Pavement Will Look Better

As a business owner, you want the exterior of your company to look visually appealing. This can attract more foot traffic and creates a positive first impression. When you schedule services to sealcoat asphalt, the sealcoat appears as a lush, black color. You’re left with asphalt that looks welcoming and properly maintained. Sealcoating can even improve the visual appeal of your parking lot striping.

Sealcoating Safeguards Your Pavement from UV Radiation

In sunny areas, UV radiation is another source of damage for asphalt pavement. The UV rays beat down on the parking lot, drying it out and increasing its chances of incurring damage. When you sealcoat asphalt, this acts a protective layer against the sun’s harsh rays. Since your sealcoat wears off over time, it’s important to reapply sealer as needed.

Seal Asphalt to Protect Repairs

When you spot a pothole or large crack, it’s important to fix these problems as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your asphalt. Sealcoat provides an additional layer of protection for an asphalt repair. It helps ensure that the work lasts as long as possible and reduces asphalt maintenance.

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