Will Sealing a Parking Lot Protect it from UV Rays?

Will Sealing a Parking Lot Protect it from UV Rays?

How do UV Rays affect asphalt parking lots?

Asphalt pavements are known to be durable to withstand intense weather conditions like high heat. Nonetheless, it is still vulnerable to the harsh effects of UV rays, which can degrade asphalt and cause your parking lot surface to turn brittle. The brittleness makes asphalt more susceptible to damage, making it important to take proactive steps. Sun damage will inevitably occur, so sealing a parking lot is crucial to add a protective barrier.

Parking Lot Maintenance is an essential step to maintaining your asphalt pavement, and sealcoating is one of the steps you can take to do this. Even if you have yet to notice signs of damage, you must do this to prevent causing irreversible damage. Get to know how sealing a parking lot can protect it from UV rays.

Sealing a Parking Lot Can Extend the Asphalt’s Life

Asphalt can typically last for up to 10 years before it requires major work, but with sealcoating, you can extend the life by up to 20 years. The exact length will depend on how well you maintain your parking lot and address issues that may arise. Generally, it is ideal to apply a layer of protection every three to four years, but this will depend on your asphalt’s condition.

Types of Sealcoats

When sealing a parking lot, you can choose from various types of sealers based on your parking lot’s design and traffic patterns.

Coal Tar

This type of coating uses a refined coal tar that is produced as a by-product of coking coal for metallurgy. It typically forms a hard film over the asphalt substrate and contains several chemicals that are not affected by sunlight, petrochemicals, and salts. As such, the coal tar sealcoat is known to be reliable in protecting asphalt from sun damage.

Asphalt Emulsion-Based

As the name suggests, this coating is made from hot asphalt or pre-emulsified asphalt and is useful for preventing cracks in your asphalt. However, since your parking lot is also made of asphalt, the coating is not as protective and resistant against destructive elements. Thus, sealing a parking lot with this coating will require resealing every year or fortification with some chemicals for enhanced performance.

Specialty Resins

Similar to coal tar, specialty resin coatings are highly resistant to UV ray damage and other elements. However, what sets it apart is that it has unique technologies that allow you to get a specialty coating tailored for your needs.

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