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ACPLM Crack Filling Asphalt PavementAn Explanation of Asphalt Crack Filling

Crack filling asphalt pavement is a means of reinforcing the pavement to prevent damage. It occurs with the injection of a hot pour of rubberized sealant into the asphalt’s individual cracks. This process guards against water penetrating the pavement and the base and/or the sub-grade.

The Purpose of Crack Filling

Crack filling is an affordable option for maintaining your pavement. It prevents water from seeping beneath the pavement through the cracks. The crack filling will prevent an unstable base that leads to significant cracking and pavement failure. It will also guard against the creation of potholes that result from cracks along heavily trafficked areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crack Filling:

When should crack filling be performed in a parking lot?

Crack filling can be performed across the pavement’s life cycle. However, only specifically identified cracks are candidates to be filled.

How often should crack filling be performed in the average parking lot?

Crack filling asphalt pavement is a maintenance operation which can be done whenever necessary. Those who own or manage pavement that is on a yearly repair and maintenance plan should budget for crack filling at least one time per year.

How long does it take for crack filling material to dry?

The crack filling material is placed at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit but cools quickly. Tracking is averted thanks to the black silica sand in crack filler.

Why shouldn’t crack filling be applied to alligatored areas?

Alligatored areas in parking lots are a sign that water has reached the sub-grade base layer. The pavement is no longer capable of supporting the traffic’s weight. Crack filling is not a proper course of action at this point.

Will the crack sealing material and sealcoat material stick to one another?

These two materials will naturally bond. The crack sealing material is designed to maintain flexibility across a wide range of temperatures.

What does “over banding” mean?

Over banding refers to an instance where a layer of crack filling material is sprayed on top of the prepared crack. The end result is a band stretching about two to three inches wide.

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