Full Depth Reclamation or Mix and Mill

Also known as “Mix and Mill”, Full Depth Reclamation is a cost-effective repair process for parking lots and roads that suffer from base problems. The process is achieved through pulverizing and mixing the existing base together with the existing asphalt. Very little material is actually removed because the majority of the material is rolled, re-graded, and used again to make a new base which later gets paved over with new asphalt.

Full Depth Reclamation is ideal for parking lots with large puzzle-looking cracks in the asphalt or when the asphalt has become alligatored, meaning the cracks resemble the back of an alligator. Both of these conditions allow moisture to pass through the cracks and enter into the base, causing it to fail.

Another cost-effective use of Full Depth Reclamation is the addition of Portland Cement during the mixing process. This can act as an alternative to the replacement of the base which is susceptible to underground moisture. Adding Portland Cement during the Full Depth Reclamation process creates a base that has greater resistance to low underground water tables or clay which often wreak havoc on roads and parking lots. Once the process with the additional Portland Cement has been completed, future maintenance repair costs are greatly reduced because of the increased durability and long-lasting finish.

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Full Depth Reclamation