Parking Lot Drainage Design

The importance of storm water drainage design for parking lots.

Parking lots are essential, but drainage is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them. Once you see what happens after heavy rains, you realize why proper storm water drainage design for parking lots is a critical component. Without one, water can quickly pool and cause damage to your asphalt pavement.

ACPLM offers parking lot drainage services to keep your parking lot safe and durable. Say goodbye to flooding and the headaches that come after heavy storms with a well-designed system in place.

Dangers of Inadequate Parking Lot Drainage

What happens when you do not pay attention to your parking lot drainage? First, storm water that pools in the lot can damage your asphalt paving. When water seeps into the asphalt, it slowly separates the asphalt and aggregates, potentially causing cracks, ravels, and ruts.

More severely, poor storm water drainage design for parking lots can cause structural damage to your pavement. You might think that water only damages your asphalt sealcoating, but the damage goes much deeper into the sub-grade. Without realizing it, your pavement may already be slowly deteriorating.

To solve this, we plan storm water drainage design for parking lots to help property owners avoid running into these issues. We know how costly and stressful it can be to deal with repairs and replacements, so we can help you design a proper drainage system to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

ACPLM offers various drainage solutions to preserve the integrity of your parking lot. These include:

  • Excavation and Investigation

We start by excavating and investigating your drainage system to check where the problem is coming from. Only then will our team be able to identify the proper solutions to perform.

  • Slope Correction

Poor drainage can be attributed to problems with your parking lot’s slope. It has to be designed in a way that allows water to flow to the proper areas so that they do not pool in your parking lot. We can help adjust your slope to protect your asphalt surface and keep it free from possible water damage.

  • Full Depth Reclamation

If your asphalt pavement has been compromised by water, we can do a full depth reclamation to strengthen its base. This asphalt repair method involves recycling and pulverizing the existing asphalt and underlying materials to create a new and stronger base.

Many considerations have to be made when designing a drainage system for a parking lot. Thus, the process may vary depending on your lot’s anticipated traffic, the permeability of the soil, the surrounding structures, and other factors. To ensure that we build a durable and long-lasting pavement, we always make sure to conduct a thorough assessment before getting started.

Call ACPLM for Proper Storm Water Drainage Design for Parking Lots

Effective storm water drainage design for parking lots is key to prolonging the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. If you need help fixing your parking lot’s drainage, our team is ready to assist you anytime. Call us today at 888-959-9637 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your needs.