Striping a Parking Lot: Striping Requirements in Florida

What are some requirements for parking lot striping in Florida?

Striping a parking lot with fresh paint is essential to making it easy for visitors to navigate, and to improve safety. Following all the different regulations for parking lots is also key to maintaining compliance.

Hiring a parking lot maintenance company with years of experience in the industry is always recommended for the best results. These professionals can meet the requirements for parking lot striping to help limit accidents. You also won’t have to worry about paying expensive fines due to any parking lot design violations.

Here is an overview of the different requirements for striping a parking lot in Florida:

Parking Space Requirements

Parking spaces need to be at least 8 to 9 feet wide to ensure they remain accessible for your visitors. Most straight parking spaces are 18 feet in length to make it easy for customers to use your parking space. Angled parking spaces are another option, as it’s recommended for the angle to be 60 degrees while including a depth of 20 feet. A parking lot striping company can provide a detailed assessment to help you choose the best type of parking lanes for your parking lot.

Fire Lane Guidelines

Designated fire lanes are also a requirement for businesses in Florida. These fire lanes need to include yellow diagonal stripes while also spelling out “No Parking Fire Lane” to warn anyone from parking in this area.

These pavement markings are designed to make it easy for fire and rescue services to reach your business during an emergency. You will need to get these lines repainted every couple of years to ensure they remain visible. Working with a parking lot repair company is recommended to make sure you meet these requirements.

Handicapped Parking Requirements

One part of the Americans with Disabilities Act is to provide accessible parking for anyone with a disability. Each parking lot needs to include a specific number of handicapped parking areas, as this number is determined by the size of the parking lot.

Handicap-accessible parking needs to be marked with a blue line that’s six inches wide, a parking space that’s eight feet wide, and an adjacent aisle that is five feet wide. Van-accessible spaces need to be 11 feet wide. Each one of these parking spaces also needs to include a wheelchair symbol.

Directional Markings

Using directional markings throughout your parking lot makes it easier for your visitors to navigate. This will reduce the chance of accidents or traffic jams. Including a crosswalk and striping a parking lot is also important in creating a safer environment for pedestrians.

You can also use lines to maintain traffic flow. Whether it’s using white lines to keep traffic going in the same direction separate or using solid yellow lines to keep traffic separate while they are going in the opposite direction, an experienced line striping company can help you determine the best directional markings to use for your parking lot.

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