Your Summer Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Your Summer Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Summer parking lot maintenance tips. 

If you are a facility manager in Tampa Bay, you are probably busy scheduling HVAC maintenance, planning plumbing repairs, or having the surrounding landscape updated. But one thing you should not lose sight of is parking lot maintenance. Parking lots are the first things people see before they even set foot inside of a building. It speaks volumes about how you manage the property.

A Strong Summer Parking Lot Maintenance System

When it comes to parking lot maintenance in Tampa, it is important to note that the unique weather in the area has an impact on the condition of your asphalt parking lot, especially during the summer months.

The intense heat of the sun, along with the heavy thunderstorms, can cause extensive damage to your parking lot. What you need is an effective system for summer parking lot care – something that can protect your investment and make it last.

Sealcoating of Parking Areas

Sealcoating is a long-term solution for parking lot problems. It is the process of applying a layer of protective sealer over the surface of the asphalt or pavement, creating a barrier against UV rays, rain, motor oil, and other elements.

Sealcoating is also important for your summer parking lot maintenance system because it can reduce the need for crack-filler and asphalt repair. In addition, it will eliminate the need for more expensive repairs, like completely replacing the asphalt surface.

Finally, it gives your parking lot a sleek and clean look that will make your current customers happy and get the attention of prospective apartment tenants.

Asphalt Striping with Summer Parking Lot Maintenance

If you want your apartment tenants to follow the parking lot guidelines on your property, then you should make sure that all of the markings and lines are clear. These markings will let them know where they can and cannot park, eliminating any potential parking issues.

A more compelling reason to practice proper maintenance of your parking surface and striping is that it helps eliminate a safety hazard; vehicular accidents. The markings in the parking lot help guide motorists when driving in the area, which significantly helps prevent accidents.

Summer Parking Lot Maintenance Best Practices:

Aside from proactively dealing with defects and damages, it is important to keep your parking lot clean. This includes using proper drainage techniques, and regularly disposing debris to keep the area dry, clean, and clear of any clutter.

Summer parking lot maintenance isn’t only about making your parking lot look good; it’s about keeping your vehicles and customers safe. If there is a lot of clutter that could block storm drains, a strong downpour could cause a drainage backup in the parking lot – damaging parked cars and posing a safety hazard to customers.

Another reason to keep your parking lot clean is to discourage potential troublemakers from entering the area. If they see that your parking lot is clean and well-lit, they will realize that the property is well-maintained and secure. They’ll be less likely to engage in illicit activities when there’s a greater risk that they could be caught.

Protect Your Parking Lot this Summer with ACPLM

Summers in Tampa Bay can be harsh to your parking lot. However, there are many ways to protect against wear and tear, and to give your customers the best experience for the duration of their stay.

Here at Asphalt and Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance (ACPLM), we offer a wide variety of solutions that can meet all your maintenance needs – from sealcoating, to asphalt repair, to pavement replacement. Call us at 813-633-0548 to schedule a free consultation.