Tampa Roadway Striping

Tampa Roadway Striping

ACPLM Tampa Roadway Striping for Bay Businesses and Public Roadway Managers

Most roads feature markings that control the flow of traffic.  Tampa roadway striping marks everything from crosswalks to bike lanes, merge lanes, turn lanes and stop locations must be properly marked.  Tampa Roadway Striping combined with clear signage ameliorate traffic challenges, making it possible for vehicle and pedestrian traffic to flow in a safe and orderly manner.

ACPLM markings are constructed with an array of materials though paint is by far the most popular. Some Tampa Bay businesses and public roadway managers opt for thermoplastic combined with paint for the optimal result. Certain roadways require a fresh coat of paint as the surface is curing. Once cured, a coat of thermoplastic is added about a month later.

An Explanation of Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is best defined as plastic that is heated. This material is actually a powder that is put into melting pots and heated upwards of 400 degrees. Once heated, the thermoplastic is poured into applicators and extruded by way of dies to create the proper width line for the desired markings. The surface is treated with a beading system made of a coating of embedded glass beads that generate reflective marks for nighttime driving. ACPLM can also hot spray thermoplastic on your Tampa Bay property if desired. The hot spraying of thermoplastic typically results in a slightly thinner coating.

The Painting of Pavement Markings

Similar to extruded thermoplastic, paint is implemented at 15 mil wet thickness. A coating of beads is also implemented with the paint. Colors for your Tampa Bay business or roadway range from blue to yellow, red, white, black and any color that results from mixing two or more of these hues together. The roadway striping aficionados here at ACPLM have even mixed green to designate parking zones for electric vehicles/fuel efficient vehicles.

Choose Between Painted and Thermoplastic Markings

ACPLM applies painted markings as well as thermoplastic markings across the greater Tampa Bay area. We service local businesses and roadways including intersections, small Tampa Bay roads and airport markings. Our team makes use of massive melter pots for pre-melting. The material is then placed in applicators along with extrusion dies.

ACPLM makes use of a truck mounted unit with paint equipment for short/long line application. We can spray lines upwards of three feet in width with our pressurized beading technology. We also make use of hydraulic based short line equipment that can attach to the rear to be driven for extended periods of time. These specialized units are also equipped with pressurized beaders to boot.  If you are in need of Tampa roadway striping call us today at 813-633-0548 for a quote.

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