How Sealcoating is Different from Paving

How Sealcoating is Different from Paving

Our parking lot professionals explain the many differences between paving and sealcoating.

There is a popular misconception that sealcoating is the same as paving. In reality, sealcoating is quite different from asphalt paving. These are separate processes required for the addition of brand new pavement or the repair of current pavement.

Tampa Sealcoating Services Versus Asphalt Paving

There is little reason to attempt to compare asphalt paving and sealcoating as they are unique applications with distinct purposes. Yet these two processes work in unison to generate a gorgeous finish along the surface of your pavement. They also improve its performance and beauty. Parking lot contractors worth their keep are willing to admit sealcoating and asphalt paving are both important processes that are essential components of pavement maintenance plans. However, these processes have to be properly implemented by skilled parking lot professionals at the appropriate time. Otherwise, the parking lot won’t reach is peak condition and fulfill its true potential in terms of longevity.

The Basics of Tampa Sealcoating Services

The best reason to sealcoat your Tampa property is to form a protective barrier between the pavement and the many forms of outside stimuli that can cause significant damage. Though a sealcoating will repair some minor cracks and holes along the lot’s surface, it will not repair asphalt that is otherwise damaged. This is a uniquely formulated liquid layer that safeguards the asphalt from threats like the sun’s harsh UV rays, water damage, oil/gas spills, harsh rain, and beyond.

Sealocating has the potential to improve the useful life of the pavement by upwards of a decade or longer. This protective barrier is an important component of asphalt maintenance. Have your property sealcoated once every couple of years and you will ultimately save money on asphalt repairs as time progresses.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is best described as a process in which hot or cool asphalt is applied to a Tampa property such as a parking lot or road. The purpose of asphalt paving is to remedy flaws in the pavement, repair potholes, form a new foundation and/or fill cracks. The most basic of asphalt overlay jobs is to patch up holes so moisture and debris do not move below the surface and cause erosion.

Some opt for asphalt paving for the practical benefits outlined above. Others favor regular repaving to improve the look of their Tampa property. Have your commercial or residential parking lot, road, or other space paved and you will find visitors are that much more likely to return for subsequent visits.

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