4 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Sealcoating Services and Contractors

4 Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Sealcoating Services and Contractors

Tampa Sealcoating Services – Top 4 Common Mistakes made by Businesses

Sealcoating your parking lot is an important step for any business. It will extend the lifespan of your parking lot, while also significantly improving the entire appearance of your property. However, many companies often make mistakes that can easily be avoided. It is essential to take additional time to ensure that you avoid these errors before you choose a company that specializes in sealcoating services.

Here are four common mistakes that businesses make during or before the sealcoating process.

#1 Always Choosing The Lowest Price

Many businesses are only concerned with the bottom line and will always choose a Tampa sealcoating contractor that has the lowest price. However, the lowest price isn’t always the best investment, as you may not be satisfied with the finished product. Instead, it is much more worthwhile to do the necessary research beforehand to determine if the company is the right fit for your needs.

The vast majority of contractors have similar prices, and if one contractor is significantly cheaper, that is always a red flag. These contractors may not be insured or may even sealcoat your parking lot too thin without using adequate materials. Typically, it is best to avoid these contractors and look for another company that offer Tampa sealcoating services for businesses.

#2 Failure to Limit Traffic

One of the keys to successfully sealcoating your parking lot is allowing the material time to cure without any disruptions from traffic. Ideally, a parking lot requires 24 hours but 8-12 hours is sufficient during ideal weather conditions. If your parking lot is always busy, it may be a good idea to sealcoat your parking lot in sections to avoid any business disruptions. Failure to minimize traffic will significantly damage the sealcoating process and cause it to wear down much sooner than expected. Instead, it is well worth keeping traffic off of the parking lot for 24 hours for the best results.

#3 Not Checking References

One of the best ways to determine if a Tampa sealcoating contractor is the right fit for your business is always to check references. Reading online reviews about a company can give you a general idea about their quality of work and if they value customer service. If you notice any negative reviews, it is a good idea to do further research to determine if it was just one unhappy customer or if there is a large-scale pattern of unhappy clients. Checking these references beforehand can help you make the best decision for your company and avoid a lot of stress and wasted resources.

#4 Failure to Check for Proper Insurance

Many companies fail to check to see if a paving contractor is properly insured, which can lead to a wide range of problems for your business. Always verifying that a sealcoating contractor is insured will protect your company from many different scenarios. Whether it is an unexpected rainstorm that causes the sealcoat material to splash on your sidewalk or if any other unforeseen issues arise, a professional Tampa asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance company should always be insured to cover these issues. It is important to verify insurance before you sign any contracts.

Understanding these common mistakes can help your business avoid costly expenses and ensure that you are well-satisfied with your Tampa sealcoating services.

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