Tennis Court Surfacing & Sports Complex Repairs

Tennis Court Surfacing - freshly redone tentis court

ACPLM’s Tennis Court Surfacing and Sports Complex Repair Services

New tennis courts, sports complexes, gyms, and other recreational facilities open up throughout Florida each year. If these spaces are not maintained on a regular basis, problems will arise. ACPLM is here to prevent these problems. We offer a wide range of tennis court surfacing and sports complex repairs for your facility.

Tennis Court Surfacing and Repairs

The typical tennis court is open throughout the day. Some have lights and remain open until the late evening hours. ACPLM understands your clientele needs regular access to your courts or other recreational facilities. We go to great lengths to phase projects into sections that allow your business to remain open.

Our goal is to enhance your tennis court or recreational complexes without negatively affecting your facility. Let us handle your surfacing or other repair projects and we will create traffic flow solutions to ensure your facility managers and customers can use the property as desired while our team is hard at work.

ACPLM Sports Complex Solutions

We have the expertise to offer different solutions for recreational complexes. These services include but are not limited to:



How can I tell if my tennis court needs to be resurfaced?

A tennis court that is pealing requires resurfacing. If you observe what appears to be an asphalt surface emerging from below, resurfacing is urgently needed.

How can I tell if my tennis court requires a full replacement?

A tennis court that has undulations poses tripping hazards and causes lower-quality play. A tennis court in this condition requires replacement. Furthermore, a tennis court or athletic court with structural cracks should be inspected without delay.

How does court resurfacing occur?

The process commences with a power clean of the entire court with a specialized high-powered blower. The surface is then pressure washed with a commercial grade power washer. We repair the surface cracks with a binder and portland soil-cement mixture. Low areas are filled and patched to meet USTA tolerance standards. We add two coats of acrylic resurfacer, two coats of acrylic paint and two-inch white lines.

Can my court’s cracks be repaired without a total resurfacing?

It is possible if the cracks are hairline. Even some large structural cracks can be repaired and painted over.

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