Tips For Commercial Asphalt Paving in Tampa

Tips For Commercial Asphalt Paving in Tampa

Most commercial property owners and managers find commercial asphalt paving in Tampa poses its fair share of challenges. Aside from regular maintenance, repairs and a full replacement will eventually be necessary.  Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your asphalt paving, along with proper asphalt maintenance and repairs.

Fill Cracks Right Away

Commercial asphalt paving in Tampa cannot be performed until all those cracks are tended to. Fill cracks as soon as you notice their formation. After all, those small cracks will gradually become larger unless you take action. If an abundance of water builds up along the lot’s base, there will be even more damage and costly commercial asphalt paving in Tampa.

Consider the Asphalt Load

Massive commercial vehicles have the potential to cause some harsh damage. Position dumpsters, loading docks and other bulky items where large vehicles travel at a high frequency. When properly designed, your parking lot will not have heavy commercial trucks crossing paths with customer traffic.

Have the Lot Sealcoated

A proper sealcoating protects your lot against everything from the sun’s UV rays to the weight of enormous delivery vehicles, oil and gas spills, the pounding rain and more. Abide by a regular schedule of sealcoating and you will find commercial asphalt paving isn’t necessary as often as it used to be.

Eliminate Any Drainage Issues

Puddling water has the potential to undermine an otherwise functional parking lot. Standing water has the potential to lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. If the water moves all the way to the asphalt and impacts the base, potholes, ripples, and other flaws will manifest. Your lot needs ample drainage to remain functional, aesthetically appealing, and reliable. If you are even slightly suspicious your lot might not be draining as it should, reach out to a professional team of paving contractors to perform an analysis and correct the problem.

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