Top 3 Reasons Preparation Is Key to A Successful Paving Project

Top 3 Reasons Preparation Is Key to A Successful Paving Project

Preparation is Essential to Every Successful Paving Project

Parking lots With Potholes Can’t Simply be Resurfaced or Paved

ACPLM’s parking lot experts go out of their way to sweat all the small stuff to ensure a successful paving project. This means we take the time to study what causes the formation of potholes. Perhaps water weakened the base due to cracking. Maybe the asphalt was too thin and proved unable to support the weight of the vehicles above. It is also possible poor subgrade soils like clay is beneath the parking lot.

Potholes must be boxed and subsequently removed to their full depth. ACPLM inspects the subgrade with an 80,000 pound fully loaded dump truck to get a gauge of vertical movement. We then patch with 3/4” stone binder asphalt before installing the asphalt overlay.

A Parking Lot Rife with Cracks Requires Extra Attention

Simply paving over a parking lot with cracking is a recipe for disaster. These cracks will inevitably reappear across the next couple of years following installation. It will take a mere five years for the parking lot to return to its flawed condition. The bottom line is that a successful paving project should last far beyond this time span.

Drainage Issues Must be Tended to Before Paving Takes Place

A successful paving project is dependent on remedying drainage issues. This must be done before paving occurs. Do not do business with a company that will accept drainage problems following their paving work. Many contractors believe wet areas will remain in parking lots regardless of what they do. In contrast, ACPLM takes the road less traveled. We sweat all the small stuff involved in a successful paving project, including drainage problems. We rectify drainage issues through the following approaches:

  • Installing drainage swale
  • Installing relief drains or trench drains
  • Milling or profiling to eliminate high spots
  • Curb cuts that prevent water from reaching permeable surfaces

Ally with ACPLM for a Successful Paving Project

Let ACPLM handle your paving project and we’ll ensure it stands the test of time, adds to your property’s value and boosts its aesthetic appeal. Reach out to us to get the ball rolling on your successful paving project. You can reach us by dialing 888-959-9637.

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