Traffic Control Markings


Traffic Markings Installed by ACPLM.

Florida businesses and organizations of all types should feature traffic markings in their parking lot. Pavement markings are a subtle yet important addition to any parking lot. These specific markings help control the flow of traffic and help to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in your parking lot.

It is imperative you work with a trusted parking lot paving team to install these markings in your parking lot. ACPLM is Florida’s most trusted asphalt and parking lot maintenance provider. At ACPLM, we only use the best materials and equipment to install traffic control markings.

Specialized Traffic Markings

Traffic control markings require precision and attention to detail. If necessary, the current traffic markings on your pavement will be completely removed so fresh markings can be applied and prevent conflicting or confusing markings.

Today’s traffic markings have advanced to the point that we use to paint with a textured grit so surfaces do not become slippery during rainstorms or other water exposure. The addition of pavement markings can significantly enhance the safety of a lot in more ways than one.

The Importance of Traffic Control Markings

Pavement markings increase the level of safety in parking lots. Traffic control markings that are inaccurate or unclear put everyone who drives or walks on your property in jeopardy. It does not matter if your parking lot is brand new or a decade old; pavement striping and traffic control markings are necessary. Everything from crosswalks to stop bars to turn arrows helps drivers and pedestrians cross your property safely, quickly, and with as little stress as possible. Fresh traffic control markings make your Florida business’s parking lot safer everyone.

The Tools and Equipment to get the Job Done Right

Our team uses highly specialized pavement marking equipment. These machines ensure the striping and other traffic markings are precise, long-lasting, and highly visible.

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent traffic markings, we will mark your property to safely guide traffic in the safest manner possible. Our pavement striping solutions are suitable for an array of different surface textures and types. Regardless of your parking lot’s condition, size, or other qualities, we will apply traffic markings to make the rest of the space feel more welcoming and safe. We can also apply sealcoating to keep your lot well-protected and prolong its useful life.

Contact ACPLM for Traffic Marking Installation

If your parking lot does not have traffic control markings or if the surface’s markings have faded, be proactive by contacting ACPLM’s asphalt paving team today. We will add traffic markings using paint that features a specialized texture grit to stop surfaces from becoming slippery when exposed to water. Give our parking lot maintenance team a call at 813-633-0548 or 888-959-9637 to schedule a no-cost consultation.