Trench Repairs

Proper parking lot maintenance is largely dependent upon having fully functioning drain trenches in place – and in the right place. When water sits on your pavement or rushes across the middle of the parking lot during a sudden downpour instead of filtering smoothly into the drainage system, you greatly reduce the longevity of your paved structures and areas.

Poor parking lot drainage may also be evident from sand, rocks, and dusty residue clinging to the parking lot’s low spots. This indicates water pooling and seeping through cracks in the pavement, which weakens asphalt and concrete over time.

It is possible that some of these other issues (and more) could be ultimately traced to much-needed trench repair. Direct issues with your trench itself may also be evident. For example, it may be visibly collapsed, sunken down, or severely cracked. Asphalt around a trench may also have settled due to underground erosion, the trench grill may be rusted and deteriorating, or the trench may simply be clogged to the point it barely drains.

ACPLM Has Solutions For All Drainage Trench Problems

We at ACPLM understand the dynamics of how asphalt paving and concrete pavement drain and age over their useful life span. We know how to determine if it is trench repair that is needed to fix a drainage problem or if other factors, like deteriorating curbs, an improper slope, a problem with catch basins, or the need for sealcoating or other paving services may be involved.

Once it is determined that the problem is being caused by poor drainage trenches, our trench repair solutions will include:

Asphalt repair- It may be a matter of reworking the asphalt around the trench. However, asphalt settling could also indicate a deeper problem and the need to restore poorly constructed trenches that lie below the asphalt.

  • Concrete work- If your trench has damaged concrete, then you will be in need of our concrete services to replace or repair it.
  • New metal grates- If the grates on your trench are crumbling due to rust, it may be time to install a new trench grate.
  • Collapsed sides- Trench repair is essential when the sides of the trench are caving in. Sizable fissures may also be radiating out from the trench’s side into the rest of the parking lot. Never delay on serious trench repair needs like this!
  • Extending or widening- In some cases, it may be advisable to extend an existing trench in length or to widen it in order to better accommodate the water flow during heavy downpours.
  • New trench installation- If it turns out you need to install a new trench or completely relocate a trench (removal plus installation), this is a bigger job. At ACPLM our team is prepared to help with trench repair services.

Finally, also note that ACPLM is efficient at removing old asphalt from a broken trench. We can mill asphalt for utility trenches to minimize removal costs and speed up the project. Asphalt can be milled on-site and then used as backfill material or rolled over to make a drivable surface.

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