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Experience the Benefits of Asphalt Overlay in Naples

If you are considering an asphalt overlay or replacement for your Naples property, there is a seemingly endless list of reasons to opt for an asphalt overlay. Though it is true that every type of asphalt surface is unique in terms of drainage, surrounding elevations and the manner in which the surface is used, an asphalt overlay is almost always a better solution than removing and replacing.

Save Money With an Asphalt Overlay

An asphalt overlay sometimes referred to as a resurfacing, is cheaper than the remove and replace technique. In general, the only time to consider a comparably expensive replacement is when the current surface is compromised by the sub base’s flawed structural integrity or if there is a specific drainage or nuanced elevation issue that needs to be remedied. Otherwise, there is no sense in spending more money on a replacement.

Ask anyone who has had an ACPLM asphalt overlay installed and they will testify to the surface’s merit as well as the economic efficiency of this project. An asphalt overlay provides the same, if not better, strength and quality as replacement and other asphalt options. Yet it won’t bust your budget like a replacement.

An Asphalt Overlay Applies to an Array of Different Surfaces

Whether you have an asphalt driveway, roadway or parking lot that requires attention, an asphalt overlay will do the job. This approach involves installing a new asphalt layer atop the current asphalt and grinding the transitions. Examples of such transitions include curbs, sidewalks, drains, and garages. This is the appropriate remedy for a deteriorated paving surface that still maintains its structural integrity. The current asphalt surface really is the optimal base for a new layer of asphalt. The compromised areas can be repaired ahead of the new asphalt’s installation.

The Straightforward Solution You Have Been Looking For

In many instances, all that is necessary is a leveling course. This is a narrow layer of asphalt applied to remove low sections or dips ahead of the application of the finishing course. A tack coat is applied to the current asphalt surface to help the new layer of asphalt stick to the current surface. The asphalt overlay is typically installed at a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches in thickness. However, the exact depth level hinges on the nuances of each project.

Contact ACPLM to get the Ball Rolling on Your Asphalt Overlay

ACPLM is here to install an asphalt overlay on your Naples property that stands the test of time. Let us handle your asphalt needs and you will find our work is of the highest-quality. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations and building long-lasting relationships. Contact us today to schedule your asphalt overlay. If you’re looking for parking lot upkeep or maintenance, consider ACPLM for your parking lot striping and painting needs as well

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