Asphalt Overlays

ACPLM Asphalt OverlaysIf you have noticed that your property’s pavement has deteriorated over the past few years due to a lack of maintenance, it might seem like the entire asphalt surface may need a complete replacement. However, this is not the only option available for extensive asphalt repair. It is possible to install an asphalt overlay to repair damaged areas of the parking lot. An asphalt overlay has the potential to save money as it improves the surface’s integrity.

What is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt overlay is a restoration of the pavement. It provides a new layer of pavement on the surface, which repairs imperfections and rejuvenates aged asphalt. The result is improved performance as well as enhanced aesthetics. The word, “overlay”, is used to refer to the additional layer of asphalt that is installed over the asphalt. If the cracking, crumbling or sinking of certain sections aren’t too severe, they can be cut out, patched, and new asphalt can be installed.

The Advantages of an Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt overlays are regarded as a cost-effective solution for the preservation of aged pavement for the following reasons:

  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Decreased repair and maintenance
  • Successful mitigation of surface distress
  • Decreased noise pollution
  • Enhanced durability
  • Prolonged surface performance


ACPLM’s Asphalt Overlay Installation Process is Second to None

Proper and thorough installation of an asphalt overlay includes saw cutting butt joints. These butt joints ensure that there are no uneven spaces along the areas where the new asphalt connects to the other surfaces. We take care to never “taper down” the asphalt against other surfaces as asphalt must be thick enough to withstand the considerable weight of vehicular traffic. While ACPLM takes this precaution, many competitors do not.  Call ACPLM to perform an asphalt overlay that creates a brand new looking surface with surfaces that are flush at walkways.