Asphalt Overlays

ACPLM Asphalt OverlaysIf you have noticed that your property’s pavement has deteriorated over the past few years due to a lack of maintenance, it might seem like the surface is on its last legs. You are likely pondering whether it is time to demolish the pavement and rebuild it from scratch. Thankfully, this is not always necessary. It is possible to install an asphalt overlay that prolongs the asphalt’s lifespan. So don’t immediately hire a Tampa contractor to demolish the entire space. An asphalt overlay has the potential to save you plenty of money as it improves the surface’s integrity for longer than you would have ever thought was possible.

What is an Asphalt Overlay?

An asphalt overlay is basically a facelift for the pavement. It provides an entirely new layer of pavement on the surface and repairs imperfections to rejuvenate aged asphalt. The result is improved performance as well as enhanced aesthetics. The word, “overlay”, is used as it refers to the paving of an additional layer of asphalt over the layer that already exists. The overlay can be performed when the current asphalt is in a relatively good condition but still has some problem areas. If the cracking, crumbling or sinking of certain sections isn’t too egregious, they can be cut out, patched and a new layer can be paved.

However, we take care to avoid installing an asphalt overlay on parking lots and driveways with especially severe cracks, sinking soft spots, waves or crumbling. The addition of this new layer of asphalt quickly follows along the old waves and asphalt cracks, commonly referred to as the reflective cracking.

The Advantages of an Asphalt Overlay

Asphalt overlays are widely lauded as a cost effective solution for the preservation of aged pavement for the following reasons:

  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Decreased life cycle expenses
  • Successful mitigation of surface distress
  • Decreased noise pollution
  • Enhanced service across posterity
  • Prolonged surface geometrics

ACPLM’s Asphalt Overlay Installation Process is Second to None

A proper and thorough installation of an asphalt overlay includes saw cut butt joints. These butt joints ensures that there are no uneven spaces along the areas where the new asphalt connects to the other surfaces. We take care to never “taper down” the asphalt against other surfaces as asphalt that is merely one quarter to one inch in thickness won’t be able to withstand the considerable weight of automobiles. While ACPLM takes this precaution, many competitors do not. The result of such a careless asphalt overlay is a tear-out of the asphalt and a complete re-do. Lean on ACPLM to perform a flawless asphalt overlay that creates a brand new looking surface with level surfaces that are perfectly flush at walkways.