New Concrete Installation Services

ACPLM offers concrete services for a variety of properties in Florida. Concrete is highly durable and is an excellent investment for any business or property. New concrete installation services are also eco-friendly, keeping the environment around your property safe and healthy. An added benefit of new concrete is that you will never have to worry about rotting or corroding. Concrete is one of the best choices in improving the entire appearance of your property.

Here are the concrete installation services offered by ACPLM.

Concrete Installation for Parking Lots

Concrete parking lots are a great choice due to the ease of maintenance. The lack of maintenance can save you time while providing significant cost savings. Concrete is also able to handle heavy traffic loads and does not deteriorate from oil or other vehicular fluid leaks. A concrete parking lot is much cooler in the summer, as it does not retain as much heat due to the lighter color. This makes concrete highly resistant to sun damage.

Concrete Roads

ACPLM can install and pave concrete roads. Concrete roads are much less prone to wear and tear compared to asphalt pavement. The lack of maintenance is one of the main benefits of concrete roads.


A concrete sidewalk from ACPLM is an excellent investment that can significantly enhance the appearance of your business or property. Sidewalks make it easy for customers to access your property while also improving safety. Concrete sidewalks are great for schools, parks, apartment complexes, and other facilities.

Concrete Curbs

Concrete curbs offer several benefits. Curbs strengthen the pavement while also improving the curb appeal of streets and parking lots. Concrete curbs from ACPLM help control water and drainage and improves safety by making it easy for drivers to see pavement edges due to the light reflective surface of the concrete.

Concrete Pads

New concrete installation from ACPLM is perfect for dumpster pads due to the downward force of metal dumpsters and trash trucks. Concrete pads can endure large amounts of traffic and are extremely durable. The integrity of concrete pads can also withstand oil and other fluids that commonly leak from trash trucks.

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ACPLM is one of the industry leaders in new concrete installation and concrete repair services for a variety of customers in Florida. These concrete services offer a wide range of benefits, as they are an excellent way to improve safety and boost curbside appeal.

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