Crack Filling in Orlando

crack filling in Orlando

Crack filling in Orlando is performed to bolster pavement strength to prevent damage of varying types. Crack repair requires the injection of a rubberized sealant in the form of a hot pour. This sealant is injected directly into the asphalt cracks. The fill prevents water from moving down into the pavement toward the stone base and the sub-grade. These portions of your parking lot are essential to its structural integrity, durability, and reliability.

Cracks can eventually appear in your parking lot over time. These asphalt cracks often start out small but will get much worse if you don’t reach out to a parking lot repair company. Hiring professionals specializing in crack filling is a great option for keeping your asphalt pavement well-maintained. Taking a proactive approach to parking lot maintenance by scheduling sealcoating services will also help protect your investment from the elements and even extend the lifespan of your pavement.

How Does Crack Filling Keep Your Pavement Safe?

Scheduling crack filling is one of the best ways to prevent cracks from getting worse. A parking lot maintenance company can easily fill cracks using asphalt emulsion. This crack repair process helps to prevent water from getting inside these cracks, and it also strengthens the adjacent pavement. Scheduling these crack filling services extends the life of your pavement while minimizing damage.

Here are the most common types of cracks in a parking lot:

Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracking can often occur in asphalt pavement, as the pattern of the cracks looks similar to the scales on an alligator. This is also known as “fatigue cracking,” as these damages often occur due to heavy traffic in a parking lot. Poor installation can also cause alligator cracks to appear in your pavement. It is critical to schedule asphalt repairs as soon as possible in order to keep these damages to a minimum.

Linear Cracks

Linear cracking can occur due to a lack of parking lot maintenance. Joints that are poorly connected can cause linear cracks, and these damages will tend to get worse over time. Hiring a company specializing in crack filling is a great way to take care of this problem. Asphalt sealcoating every three to five years is also recommended to prevent future damage.

Block Cracking

Block cracks are always an unsightly appearance, as these damages often happen due to poor construction methods. Choosing the right asphalt binder during the installation process is key to reducing the chance of block cracking in your parking lot. Cracks that are less than half an inch wide can easily be repaired with crack filling, but an asphalt overlay is recommended if they are much bigger.

What are the Main Benefits of Crack Filling Services?

One of the main benefits of crack filling and crack sealing services is that they help extend the lifespan of your pavement. These pavement maintenance services are also a cost-effective investment that can help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Scheduling parking lot sealcoating in Orlando is also important for giving your pavement an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Crack Filling in Orlando FAQ

How frequently should crack filling in Orlando be performed?
Crack filling is an important form of maintenance that should be applied every single year. If you notice even the slightest divot in your pavement, do not assume it will go away on its own.

Fix those seemingly minor problems right now with crack repairing services to prevent even costlier problems down the line.

Why is crack filling the wrong approach for alligator cracking?
Parking lots that have alligator cracking have already been compromised. This type of cracking indicates water has moved on down to the sub-grade layer. The parking lot pavement cannot sustain the weight of traffic above so crack filling in Orlando will not suffice. Let ACPLM analyze your parking lot’s condition and identify the cracks that require sealing.

What is over banding?
Over banding is a term that refers to instances in which a crack filling layer is applied atop the crack in question. Over banding creates a band that stretches a couple inches.

How long will it take for filling to completely dry?
Crack filling is performed at temperatures of 300 degrees. However, crack filling cools surprisingly quickly. The use of filler and black silica makes it that much easier to prevent tracking.

Will sealcoat and crack sealing materials stick to each other?
Crack sealing and sealcoat materials are inclined to bond to one another. Crack sealing material is meant to ensure flexibility regardless of temperature fluctuations. Sealer typically chips the crack seal. Once the project is complete, these materials will likely have two different shades.

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