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Educational Facility Paving

ACPLM Paving for Educational Facilities of all Varieties The vast majority of American schools have been neglected over the years. When the physical condition of educational institutions is allowed to deteriorate, students, teachers and administrators suffer. Yet the true injustice of this deterioration is how it negatively impacts the learning process. The bottom line is […]

Homeowner Association Paving

ACPLM’s Paving Services for Homeowner Associations The visual appeal of your property goes a long way in determining residents’ satisfaction levels. Communities that are properly maintained provide residents with a secure living space that is also aesthetically pleasing. Visual appeal is also important as it makes prospective residents that much more interested in the property. […]

Paving options for Religious Institutions

ACPLM’s Paving Services for Florida’s Religious Institutions The majority of religious institutions in Florida and around the world tend to put off facility maintenance so they can help others. This spirit of altruism is certainly commendable. Yet there comes a time when parking lot maintenance and repairs cannot be delayed any longer. If you manage […]

Paving Services for the Hospitality Industry

ACPLM’s Paving Services for Florida’s Hospitality Businesses If the condition of your facility’s parking lot isn’t up to par, you will lose out on plenty of business. People really do care about the look, functionality and safety of parking lots. This statement is especially true for Florida businesses in the hospitality industry. An aged parking […]

3 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Property’s Parking Lot Drainage

It’s been raining buckets. It started a few days ago,and it hasn’t shown signs of stopping. As a Florida business owner, this kind of weather isn’t an unfamiliar sight. Intense rainfall, thunderstorms,and hurricanes are part of what we have to deal with when we live and work in the Sunshine State. However, what you don’t […]

Do You Need Asphalt Repair? 9 Signs You Should Call a Contractor

You work hard to keep your property in good shape. Like your appliances and home systems, the asphalt on your property requires routine maintenance and occasional repairs to stay safe, attractive, and usable. So when do you need to schedule a repair rather than a resealing or paving? In this blog, we list nine signs that indicate […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Speed Bumps

Business owners shake their heads when they see drivers blazing through their parking lots at top speeds. These careless drivers could damage property or even harm pedestrians. You know the best way to prevent this scenario is to add a speed bump to your parking lot. But you realize how little you know about speed […]

3 Ways Your Landscaping Damages Your Asphalt

Your landscape benefits your workplace in a multitude of ways, from lowering cooling costs to improving employee satisfaction. In fact, researchers have found that beautiful landscaping increases foot traffic and tourism. Guests and travelers are willing to travel further, pay more, and shop longer in buildings with aesthetically pleasing lawns and gardens. If you don’t […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Paving Professional

Hiring a paving contractor might not seem like a necessary expense when installing or repairing a parking lot. You may think you’ll save heaps of money by doing it all yourself. How hard could it be? You’ve watched dozens of YouTube videos and are pretty confident in your abilities. But even if you are the world’s best […]

Everything You Need to Know About Parking Lot Safety

When you pull into a parking lot, you probably don’t consider any of its potential hazards. The truth is that parking lots are quite dangerous as they are designed mainly for vehicles instead of pedestrians. According to a recent report released by the National Safety Council’s Journal of Safety Research, over 2,000 people died on […]

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