3 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Parking Lot Drainage

3 Reasons You Need To Improve Your Parking Lot Drainage

Parking Lot Draining Improvements

It’s been raining buckets. It started a few days ago,and it hasn’t shown signs of stopping.  If you are having drainage problems, you probably need to improve your parking lot drainage.

As a Florida business owner, this kind of weather isn’t an unfamiliar sight. Intense rainfall, thunderstorms,and hurricanes are part of what we have to deal with when we live and work in the Sunshine State.

However, what you don’t have to deal with are parking lot drainage issues. A professional pavement contractor service can redesign and modify your business’ parking lot,allowing even excessive amounts of storm water to drain effectively. Here are the three most common reasons you need to improve your parking lot drainage and the solutions we offer that will fix them.

1. Water Forms Standing Pools in the Same Places During Every Storm Season, Limiting Where Your Employees and Customers Can Park

Business owners with this problem see the same pools of storm water after every storm. As it rains, one go-to spot in your parking lot begins to flood. The more it rains, the more that puddle grows.

Often, when pooling occurs, water fills a certain area first and then overflows into two or three additional areas. This large amount of standing water makes it nearly impossible for your customers and staff members to park and drive freely throughout your parking lot. The stagnant water also may contain unhealthy contaminants from storm runoff.

Why does this pooling happen?

  • Pavement contractors probably didn’t appropriately excavate the sand, rock,and other ground materials beneath your parking lot before they installed it.
  • The ground beneath your pavement eroded over time, leaving depressions in the parking lot.
  • Past repairs disrupt the drainage design of the parking lot.

To solve this problem, we suggest sloping your parking lot so that water drains in the same direction off of the parking lot during storm season. This large-scale project will require thorough investigation, ground excavation,and new pavement installation. However, often times low areas can be leveled up with asphalt to remove the water from the low area.

2. Water Flows Through the Middle of Your Parking Lot or Drains Toward Your Commercial Building

Often, water flows in inopportune places because the original pavement contractors who installed your parking lot didn’t include drains, inlets, or appropriate curbing.

To change misdirected water flow in your parking lot, we would design and install a custom drain system adding inlet sand asphalt curbs to redirect water flow. This multi-faceted plan also should prevent water from flowing through the middle of your parking lot and steer drainage away from your commercial building.

3. Repeated Flooding and Subsequent Poor Drainage Has Eroded Sections of Your Parking Lot

Parking lot wear and tear is unavoidable, particularly in Florida’s wet tropical climate. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to keep your staff and patrons safe as they enter your property. You also want to make your business easily accessible.

The best way to do both is to schedule an assessment with a local reputable pavement contractor. If there is extensive damage to your parking lot due to poor drainage, your pavement contractor may recommend a full depth reclamation. In this cost-effective solution, a team of contractors pulverize your current asphalt and use it to regrade your parking lot.

Asphalt & Concrete Parking Lot Maintenance offers comprehensive parking lot repair, maintenance,and installation services, including improving you parking lot drainage. Contact us today and discuss your property’s drainage problem with one of our expert pavement contractors. We will set up an on- site inspection of your parking lot and give you a free estimate for our services.

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