ADA Parking Lot Checklist

ADA Parking Lot Checklist

Parking lot aesthetics and reliability matter a great deal when it comes to customer perception, safety and the success of your business. Of particular importance is your parking lot’s adherence to the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Here is a quick ADA Parking Lot Checklist: to review when considering improvements to your lot and preparing this space to accommodate those with disabilities.

ADA Parking Lot Checklist: Start by Performing an Initial Scan of the Lot

A parking lot littered with debris will prove unsightly and pose challenges for improvements, repairs, etc. Furthermore, if there is significant damage, the compromised areas must be tended to before ADA equipment and projects can be initiated.

If you spot any alligator cracking, it is an indication the foundation of the pavement has deteriorated to the point at which replacement is necessary. This type of asphalt cracking has a pattern similar to an alligator’s scales. Sizable cracks and potholes are a problem as they will interfere with those who rely on mobility equipment to safely traverse your property.  Furthermore, these problems will prevent work from being done to implement ADA improvements.

If you spot even a small crack or pothole, have it repaired sooner rather than later. A timely repair makes your property safe for those with mobility challenges. Furthermore, a timely repair will extend your parking lot’s useful life. The last thing you want is for moisture to move down beneath the pavement, inflict lasting damage, and force you to pay for a full pavement replacement. There is no sense spending for improvements that ensure ADA compliance if the parking lot has to be replaced.

 Sealcoat the Asphalt

This barrier will guard against auto fluid spills, the sun’s ultraviolet rays, precipitation and more. Though sealcoating will not repair a pothole or a crack, it will guard against threats and keep your property in tip-top shape to accommodate those with mobility challenges. Once your lot is sealcoated, you will be able to proceed with parking lot improvements to comply with the ADA without worrying about the surface’s integrity.

Assess the Entrance

This is one of the most important items on the ADA parking lot checklist. The ADA requires the entrance have at least one route from arrival points such as loading zones for passengers, public transportation stops and public sidewalks that does not mandate the use of stairs. Possible solutions include the addition of a ramp, regrading the slope or even adding a lift. Consider if the proper number of parking spaces are available for the handicapped and others. There should be at least one handicap parking spot for every 25 normal spaces. Furthermore, of theses accessible spaces, at least one must be accessible by a van. This van accessible space must be at least 11 feet in width along with an access aisle of at least five feet.

Your lot must have a minimum of 98 inches of vertical clearance for vans. It is also necessary to mark access aisles so people are not tempted to park in them. Accessible parking spaces and aisles should not exceed a steepness of 1:48 in each direction. Do not forget that handicap spaces must be marked with the sign including the International Symbol of Accessibility. The sign must be posted a minimum of 60 inches above the ground.

Curb Ramp Installation

If an accessible route intersects with a curb, a curb ramp will be necessary. This ramp must have a running slope that is not steeper than 1:12, meaning for each inch in height change, there is a minimum of a foot of curb ramp run. The curb’s cross slope must not be steeper than 1:48 excluding flares. The curb ramp must be a minimum of 36 inches in width.

ADA Ramp Installation

Finally, there must be an ADA ramp that is at least 36 inches wide including the handrails. The running slope should not be in excess of 1:12. The landing must be level and a minimum of 60 inches in length. ACPLM is here to perform this installation along with additional parking lot maintenance. Reach out to us at 888-959-9637 to learn what else should be on your ADA parking lot checklist: and schedule a consultation.

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