What is Asphalt Crack Sealing?

What is Asphalt Crack Sealing?

An in-depth look at everything you need to know about crack sealing.

Tampa Bay property owners should be aware that crack repair is one of the most important components of asphalt maintenance. This is true for Tampa property owners who own industrial yards as well as those who own commercial parking lots. The quicker you repair cracks and other forms of asphalt damage, the less chance they will have to expand and deepen. Otherwise, if you wait too long, it’s possible for cracks to stretch to the point at which they can’t be remedied.

The challenge lies in gauging whether crack sealing or crack filling is the better approach. Most people don’t know the difference between the two. Contact a crack sealing team in Tampa and they will to tell you about each approach and explain the merits of timely repair by professionals.

Asphalt Crack Sealing in Tampa

Crack sealing is a fairly direct solution to a nasty problem. This approach is ideal for cracks that are in their initial stages of formation. Crack sealing will stop the cracks from spreading outward or deepening. It’s commonly used for cracks that are less than a full inch in width and display minimal deterioration along the crack sides. Furthermore, the crack in question should be reasonably shallow due to the fact that the sealant serves as an adhesive and can’t move down deep as it will harden.

Asphalt Crack Filling in Tampa

Asphalt crack filling is a durable and permanent solution for remedying cracks that are especially wide and deep. This approach rectifies crack formations that have been neglected for extended periods of time. A regular sealant is not enough to reconnect the edges. In such a situation, cracks have almost certainly moved far enough apart on the sides and down deep in the substrate, mandating a more powerful and durable mix to recombine them.

Is Crack Sealing or Crack Filling Optimal for Crack Repair?

There is no way for you to be certain as to which approach is ideal for your property’s cracks. Our Tampa crack sealing team is here to answer your questions. We will ensure the proper method is used to keep the job site safe, efficient, and within your budget.

Every Tampa property owner should know there are more than half a dozen different types of cracks that can occur in asphalt, each of which requires specific repair techniques for proper mending. Yet it’s sometimes difficult to gauge the extent of the damage unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

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