Full-Depth Reclamation in Orlando

Full-Depth Reclamation in Orlando

https://www.acplm.net/5-things-to-know-about-full-depth-reclamation/Full-Depth Reclamation in Orlando is best defined as road base recycling where asphalt, stone/sand base and chip seal are combined with a chemical modifier to create a reconstructed road. This process results in a recycled base that is significantly stronger, much more uniform and resistant to moisture. This base requires minimal maintenance and prolongs the surface’s lifespan.

About the Process

A mix design with the current roadway materials assists in the determination of the correct chemical modifier, rate of application and treatment depth. Using the road’s current aggregates allows for a comprehensive full-depth reclamation solution that is performed in a quick, precise and affordable manner.

Full-depth reclamation in Orlando is superior to a full-on reconstruction process in just about every way. It is not necessary to truck in aggregate. Nor is it necessary to discard old material. Furthermore, this process minimizes truck traffic and yields little-to-no waste.

Full-Depth Reclamation in Orlando for Improved Sustainability

Full-depth reclamation helps make Orlando communities more sustainable. In particular, this process helps the environment by recycling and reusing asphalt that is currently in use. There is no need to truck in additional asphalt material. This conserves our limited landfill space. It also reduces the amount of truck traffic passing through our sensitive Orlando neighborhoods. The end result is a reduced traffic, minimal fuel consumption and fewer carbon emissions.

ACPLM Full-Depth Reclamation in Orlando

We are especially proud of our full-depth reclamation in Orlando. This process requires less construction time than conventional removal and replacement approaches. In certain instances, traffic on the roadway where the work occurs can resume to its typical level on the same day the full-depth reclamation takes place.

  • Our team pulverizes the current roadway with a roto-tiller to create an even blend of materials and the ideal gradation for treatment
  • Once pulverization is complete, our team adds a chemical modifier such as Portland cement, asphalt emulsion, lime or liquid asphalt. The chemical modifier is added through a dry application with our specialized spreading equipment. Alternatively, the chemical modifier can be placed in slurry form with a tank equipped spreader or ready-mix. The correct mix design determines the number of chemical modifiers required to create the desired blend according to the current materials that are to be treated.
  • Once the blending is complete, our crew compacts and grades the reclaimed portion of the road for an asphalt or concrete overlay.

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