Why Businesses in Naples Should Have ADA Ramps Installed

Why Businesses in Naples Should Have ADA Ramps Installed

An ADA ramp is an absolute necessity for Naples businesses of all sizes and types to improve customer access.

By this point in time, just about every single building that serves the public should have an ADA ramp. The purpose of adding such a ramp extends beyond compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It allows for disabled customers to access your property with ease.

Provide Disabled Individuals With Easy Access to Your Facility With a Naples ADA Ramp

The purpose of the ADA is to guarantee those who have mobility challenges are provided with the proper level of access to facilities. Every Naples business, public facility, and other service providers should provide those who rely on mobility aids with an easy means of access. An individual who uses a cane, crutch, or wheelchair will find it difficult to ascend stairs. In some situations, ascending stairs with such mobility aids is impossible. These individuals should be able to access your business just like those who do not have mobility challenges.

Comply With the Requirements of the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act, commonly referred to with the acronym of ADA, states all businesses, public buildings, and other facilities that provide services to the public in the state of Florida must provide handicapped individuals with access. This means the vast majority of businesses in Naples must have an ADA ramp installed. In addition to complying with the law, the installation of an ADA ramp will also make it that much easier for people to move in and out of your building. The bottom line is whether you own or manage a business, school, nursing home, library, or a building of any other sort, your facility needs a Naples ADA ramp installed.

The Installation of Naples ADA Ramps

If your Naples property has ample space, an ADA ramp can be installed to permit access to those who struggle with mobility. However, any old installation team will not suffice. You need experienced and professional parking lot workers to install your ADA ramp in Naples. Otherwise, you run the risk of the ramp not complying with the ADA’s requirements. For example, if the ramp’s slope ratio or the handrails on the sides are not the proper angle or dimensions, the ramp might not prove compliant or functional. These are the subtleties our team pays close attention to during the installation process.

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