Essential Parking Lot Signs You Need to Install Now

Essential Parking Lot Signs You Need to Install Now

What parking lot signs are necessary for your parking lot?

Parking lot signage is a vital element in the running of a business. For one, they alert drivers of the availability of parking space. Higher motorist traffic means increased business opportunities.

Secondly, and more importantly, parking lot signage eliminates traffic confusion and driving congestion by guiding drivers through the lot. The result is improved order and a reduced risk of accidents and unwanted incidents.

7 Parking Lot Signs Every Commercial Facility Needs

The parking lot signage you need will depend on several factors, including your business type and location. Nonetheless, there are seven basic traffic signs every parking lot should feature:

  1. Customer parking signs

Often marked with the words “Customer Parking Only,” customer parking signs inform drivers that a particular parking space is meant for customers only. Therefore, the neighbor’s customers, your employees, and other drivers who aren’t interested in buying need to find somewhere else to park. Customer parking signage enhance organization on the lot and tell your customer that you appreciate them and truly care for their needs.

  1. Entrance and exit signs

These signs are designed to control traffic flow into and out of the parking lot. “Entrance” signs inform drivers of paths into the lot while “Exit” signs tell them which route to use out of the lot. Without these signs, drivers would use whichever roadways they can find to enter or exit the lot, creating avoidable confusion that can cause snarl-ups and even collisions.

  1. Handicap parking signs

According to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), every commercial parking lot must have at least one accessible parking space for every 25 standard parking spaces. Moreover, the act demands the proper marking of all handicap parking spaces. It’s also worth noting that handicap parking signage must be designed in line with the Federal Highway Authority guidelines and your state laws. Failure to comply with these requirements can attract legal penalties, including a significant fine.

  1. Fire lane signs

A fire lane marking is also a legal requirement. The lanes are established by the city’s fire chief or a designee, in conjunction with the building official. Firefighters use them in case of a fire emergency. If your lot is designated as a fire lane, you have a duty to mark it with the appropriate signage properly. Any person who fails to mark or maintain fire lane signage as necessary is guilty of an infraction.

  1. Speed limit signs

Speed limit signs are meant to remind motorists that they are on a parking lot, a confined space, thus need to slow down. In the absence of these signs, the driver may lose track of their speed and become a danger to other motorists on the lot and the property itself.

  1. No-Parking signs

Finally, commercial facilities should also consider “No Parking” and other signage prohibiting parking to enhance the safe use of the parking lot. Sections of the lot where parking would create a danger include near dumpsters, entrances, and loading zones. “Parking Prohibited” signs in such areas warn motorists about parking in the specified area and alert them to seek alternative parking spaces.

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