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4 Questions To Ask a Paving Contractor Before a Project

Ask these important questions of asphalt paving contractors in Tampa before making a commitment. Deciding between the many different asphalt paving contractors in Tampa is more difficult than most assume. No two asphalt paving contractors are the same. There are meaningful differences between these businesses beyond price. Everything from experience to references, qualifications, and customer […]

Paving Tampa- Why ACPLM is the Best Tampa Paving Contractor

ACPLM is the Tampa Bay Paving Contractor You Can Trust Asphalt paving projects require considerable expertise, knowledge, and skills. These are not simple projects. If the Tampa paving contractor you select makes a mistake, it could lead to even larger and costlier projects down the line. You don’t have the time, money or patience to […]

How Weather Can Affect Asphalt

Weather is a threat to every surface including asphalt. Though the sun’s harsh rays can damage asphalt, even worse damage can result from heavy rain and sleet. The last thing you want is for moisture to seep down into your asphalt. Even shifts in temperature that cause freezing and thawing can impact asphalt. Let’s take […]

5 Things to Know About Full Depth Reclamation

What is Full Depth Reclamation? Most people have never heard of full depth reclamation and there is nothing wrong with that. Full depth reclamation is a type of parking lot repair. It is a low-cost means of repairing lots and roads plagued by faulty bases. How Full Depth Reclamation is Performed Full depth reclamation is […]

5 Facts to Know When Hiring Paving Contractors

What to Know Before Hiring Paving Contractors If you are looking to add a patio, walkway or other concrete structure to your property, you’ll need a proven concrete contractor on your side. Hire the wrong contractor and you will undoubtedly look back with regret. Even worse, you’ll have to bear witness to that contractor’s low-quality […]

Top 3 Reasons Preparation Is Key to A Successful Paving Project

Preparation is Essential to Every Successful Paving Project Parking lots With Potholes Can’t Simply be Resurfaced or Paved ACPLM’s parking lot experts go out of their way to sweat all the small stuff to ensure a successful paving project. This means we take the time to study what causes the formation of potholes. Perhaps water […]

Parking Lot Paving in Naples, Florida

The Importance of Naples Parking Lot Paving As soon as someone pulls up to your business, judgment begins. If your parking lot paving isn’t in tip-top shape, it will be a major strike against your business. Your parking lot really does make an important first impression. If it is rife with standing water, potholes or […]

Asphalt Maintenance 101

The Scoop on Asphalt Maintenance Every asphalt parking lot eventually requires maintenance. Asphalt maintenance is similar to automobile maintenance and household repairs. If it is not completed in a timely manner, it will sabotage quality and reliability. So, don’t assume your asphalt parking lot will continue to prove reliable as time progresses. It will eventually […]

Why Do I Need to Sealcoat My Restaurant Parking Lot?

If you own or manage a restaurant, take a moment to think back to the last time you examined your parking lot in-depth. Parking lots are often overlooked in favor of more pressing matters. However, the look and condition of your restaurant parking lot play a major role in attracting and retaining customers. A fresh […]

5 Signs Your Hotel Needs Parking Lot Maintenance

Hotel parking lots receive their fair share of traffic. It is inevitable that these lots will endure wear and tear as time progresses. If your hotel parking lot looks old or damaged, it certainly does not help your property’s appeal to prospective customers. Some potential customers might pull into your lot, note its dilapidated condition […]

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