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Separating Myths from Facts About Concrete

Facts about concrete you should know. When it comes to concrete, there are plenty of myths. The facts about concrete are mixed in from time-to-time yet there are numerous misconceptions about this material throughout Florida and elsewhere. It is time to clarify these misunderstandings and learn the true and real facts about concrete. Myth #1: […]

How Sealing Asphalt will Save Money

Sealing asphalt will improve your parking lot and help you save money on repairs and maintenance. Sealing asphalt is an absolute must for every Florida property owner. If your parking lot has not been sealed, it is wearing away much faster than it should. It is wise to invest in parking lot maintenance to avoid […]

What Are the Effects of Heavy Rain on Asphalt?

How can rain negatively affect asphalt? The best in the asphalt paving business advise local property owners to invest wisely for annual asphalt maintenance. Take preventative action today to safeguard your pavement, especially before the storm season. Rain can have a negative effect on asphalt if the water is allowed to pool in the parking […]

What is the Best Temperature for Paving Parking Lots?

When should you schedule asphalt paving for parking lots? Paving parking lots has the potential to backfire unless the conditions are just right. Temperature is of particular importance. Parking lot paving is best performed in the summer as opposed to the winter simply because the temperature is higher in the summer. The summer months provide […]

Proper Sealcoating Guide

Sealcoating is an essential component of all successful pavement management plans. Sealcoating parking lots require the use of coal tar pitch or an asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is combined with inert fillers, emulsifying agents, water, additives, etc. Pavement sealing is added to the parking lot or other space in a thin coat. This coat guards […]

Tampa Pavement Repairs for the End of 2018

Pavement repairs in the greater Tampa Bay area are necessary regardless of how well you take care of your parking lot. Though regular maintenance will certainly go a long way in preventing the need for repairs. Regular wear and tear will eventually spur the need for repairs. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Golf Cart Path Paving in Orlando

Golf property owners and managers typically find golf cart path paving in Orlando to be more of a challenge than anticipated. Golf cart path paving in Orlando takes time and patience. The team at ACPLM is highly experienced in Golf Cart Path Paving in Orlando. Golf cart path paving has the potential to interfere with […]

Restripe Your Parking Lot for ADA Compliance

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) states businesses and other organizations that serve the public must make their facilities accessible to those with mobility limitations. A surprising number of businesses are still in violation of the ADA’s rules. Aside from the proper parking lot striping in Tampa to indicate handicapped spaces, businesses also need a […]

Why Cracks Form in Your Asphalt Pavement

Though your asphalt pavement might seem rugged and reliable, it is not infallible. The question is why do cracks form in asphalt in the first place? In some cases, the asphalt thickness is the problem. Asphalt that lacks the proper thickness can crack. Furthermore, if there is a flawed sub grade or if the asphalt […]

Parking Lot Striping Procedure

Parking lot striping gradually fades as time goes on. If your parking lot striping is faded or flawed do not hesitate to have it repainted. The Importance of Clearly Painted Parking Lot Striping Parking lot striping that is clearly marked and contrasts with the color of the pavement will keep vehicle and pedestrian traffic orderly. […]

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