7 Signs a Pothole is Forming in Your Parking Lot

How to avoid pothole damage in your parking lot

Potholes can form throughout your pavement due to many reasons. Sometimes pothole damage in a parking lot starts small, but it will eventually get much bigger. If a vehicle hits a pothole, it can often damage the wheel alignment or cause other issues.

Reaching out to a parking lot repair company is a great way to fix any potholes or cracks in your pavement. Preventative maintenance can also help limit potholes, such as sealing your asphalt every few years.

Here are some of the biggest signs a pothole is forming in your parking lot:

1) Cracks in the Pavement

Small cracks can begin to form throughout your parking lot. These cracks can indicate that the ground is shifting, which can result in a pothole. Getting these cracks repaired as soon as possible can help limit pothole damage in a parking lot.

2) Loose Gravel

You may even begin to notice loose gravel or debris on the surface of the pavement. Loose gravel can often be a sign that the pavement is breaking down due to age or a lack of maintenance. Staying proactive with parking lot maintenance and repair can help you avoid this problem.

3) Faded Asphalt

Asphalt can begin to fade with time due to damage from UV rays. A faded parking lot doesn’t only look bad, but it can also lead to cracks and potholes. Scheduling sealcoating services every three to five years can give your pavement a fresh appearance while also preventing potholes.

4) Stagnant Water

Puddles of water can form throughout your parking lot after a storm. These puddles can occur if your pavement is uneven, which is one of the most common signs your parking lot may begin to have potholes in the near future.

5) Blistering Asphalt

Sometimes the surface of a parking lot can form bubbles or blisters. Asphalt blistering is a sign that the pavement is in need of repair work. Scheduling repairs can help prevent a pothole from forming while also improving the appearance of your parking lot.

6) Warped Pavement

Pothole damage in a parking lot can occur due to the pavement becoming warped or uneven. Over time, these damages will only become more severe, which is why it’s essential to schedule asphalt repairs as soon as possible when you notice warped pavement.

7) Deterioration of the Edge

The edge of your pavement can eventually weaken due to heavy traffic or water damage. Potholes can also form if you don’t take care of this problem. Hiring a professional to sealcoat your pavement and make any repairs can help limit edge deterioration.

ACPLM can help you repair potholes in your parking lot

ACPLM provides parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair services for property managers and HOAs in Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas. Our team can work on parking lots of all sizes, whether you need asphalt repairs, parking lot sealing, or striping services. Feel free to contact ACPLM today to schedule a no-cost consultation for repairing pothole damage in your parking lot!