How Preventative Maintenance for Your Parking Lot Can Bring You More Business

How Preventative Maintenance for Your Parking Lot Can Bring You More Business

Have a preventative maintenance plan in place for your parking lot.

Your parking lot is one of the essential components of your business. It’s the first part of your premises that potential customers and prospective partners access when they visit. If you want to create an outstanding first impression, put in place a preventative maintenance plan for your parking lot. Preventative maintenance offers more than just the appearance; it saves you money on repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Plan Tips

A preventative maintenance plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Performing these three practices will help prolong the life of your asphalt paving.

1. Cleaning Your Parking Lot Regularly

Never underestimate the power of a good parking lot cleaning. When done regularly, it maintains the lifespan and durability of your asphalt paving. During the exercise, remove any debris on the surface to protect it from getting stained or damaged over time.

Also, give attention to oil and fuel stains and clean them as soon as you notice them. If ignored, these spots speed up the deterioration process of your asphalt paving. Use degreasing agents made for asphalt pavements specifically.

2. Sealcoating

This pavement repair in Tampa is a maintenance exercise to do during the warm weather. The process involves applying a protective coating on the surface to protect your parking lot from harsh elements. Sealcoating has several benefits which include:

  • Sealing small cracks on the parking lot surface, hence, protecting water from seeping to the base material. If left unsealed, these cracks develop into large ones and eventually create potholes
  • Acting as a protective layer against chemical and oil spills, UV rays, and oxidation
  • Preserving the resilience of the asphalt paving by hiding patches and rough spots
  • Giving your parking lot a cleaner and fresh look
  • Minimizing the rate at which water seeps through your pavement
  • Eliminating long-term repair costs

3. Parking Lot Striping

A routine preventative maintenance plan for your parking lot is not complete without parking lot striping. The process involves repainting your parking lot when it fades and has the following benefits.

  • Improving safety- Repainting pedestrian crossing points, parking spaces for the directional arrows with disabilities and fire lanes minimize accidents occurrence in your parking lot. As a result, you avoid unnecessary personal injury lawsuits.
  • Enhancing curb appeal- a well-striped parking lot gives prospective customers a positive first impression when they visit your business.
  • Preventing door dings- an adequately marked parking lot ensures that drivers do not park too close to each other, hence preventing door dings.

Benefits of Parking Lot Maintenance

A commercial parking lot provides a safe and convenient place for your employees, customers, and any other guests to keep their cars. Therefore, you need to make sure that it’s functional, adequate, and aesthetically appealing. You can achieve this by working with a Tampa parking lot maintenance company. A well-maintained parking lot has the following benefits to your business:

Reduces Liabilities

The safety of your parking lot is enough motivation to have a preventative maintenance plan in place. When your parking lot is well maintained, you reduce accidents and injuries caused by potholes or slip and fall hazards. The maintenance plan should include pothole filling, ADA ramp installation Tampa, and patching.

Maintains Aesthetics

A well-maintained parking lot creates a pleasing first impression of your business, unlike a neglected one. A smooth, dark, and well-polished asphalt paving is attractive to your customers, and easier to keep free of dirt, gravel, and debris.

Reduces Repair Costs

With a functional preventative maintenance plan in place, you avoid potential repair or replacement costs in the future. Performing sealcoating, striping, crack filling, and pothole repair regularly prolongs the lifespan of your parking lot.

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