How Fast will Cracks Expand in My Parking Lot?

If you have small cracks in your parking lot, how fast will they expand?

Cracks in asphalt parking lots are not only unsightly, but they can often lead to costly repairs if left untreated. These parking lot cracks can also appear for a variety of reasons. Taking proactive measures can help limit the chance of asphalt cracking while also making it easier to keep your parking lot well-maintained.

Learning about how fast cracks can expand in your parking lot and the importance of scheduling repairs with a professional asphalt paving company is essential to keeping these damages to a minimum. These professionals can easily repair all types of parking lot cracks to keep your pavement looking great.

Factors Affecting Asphalt Parking Lot Cracking

Asphalt parking lots can develop small cracks over time due to various factors, such as wear and tear, heavy traffic, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. A lack of parking lot maintenance can also cause cracks to get much worse. Many times, asphalt and concrete will expand and contract due to temperature changes, which can cause cracks to form and grow larger if you don’t repair the asphalt.

The rate at which cracks expand depends on factors like the quality of the asphalt pavement, weather conditions, and the amount of heavy traffic in the parking lot. Smaller cracks can grow to be an inch wide or larger if left untreated, which can pose a safety hazard and require more extensive repairs. Getting cracks repaired with asphalt crack filler as soon as possible is always recommended.

The Importance of Crack Filling and Parking Lot Maintenance

Crack filling is a crucial part of parking lot maintenance, as it helps to prevent the expansion of cracks and the formation of new ones. Crack fillers like cold- and hot pour crack sealants can be used to fill the cracks and create a barrier that prevents water, dirt, and debris from entering and causing further damage to the asphalt surface.

Cold pour crack fillers are typically used for smaller cracks, while hot pour crack sealants are used for larger, deeper cracks. Rubberized crack sealant is another option that provides a more flexible and durable crack-sealing solution for making repairs, as it can better withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

Crack sealing and filling should be done regularly to maintain the integrity of your asphalt parking lot and prolong its lifespan. This not only helps prevent the formation of larger cracks but also helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries due to uneven pavement surfaces. Scheduling ongoing maintenance with an asphalt repair company is always important when repairing parking lot cracks.

Choosing the Right Asphalt Paving Company

Hiring a professional asphalt paving company is essential when it comes to parking lot repair and maintenance. These companies offer comprehensive maintenance services that include crack filling, sealing, and other necessary repairs. Paving professionals have the expertise and equipment to properly assess the condition of your asphalt parking lot and determine the most effective parking lot crack repair solutions.

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