What is a Catch Basin?

What is a Catch Basin?

An In-depth Look at Catch Basins, One of Your Property’s Most Important Design Components

A catch basin is the central component of a landscape’s drainage system. Think of a catch basin as a box positioned along the ground near areas with standing water. The purpose of the catch basin is to enhance efficient water drainage to prevent damage to the surrounding property

Catch Basin Design

The upper portion of the catch basin box is designed with a grate. Excess water passes through the grate. Solids are directed to the underground box. These particles collect at the bottom portion of the box. Water collects until it moves to the outlet trap. This trap is linked to a subterranean group of pipes that transmit the water to nearby sewage plants or streams. When the solid particles accumulate to comprise one-third of the basin, the top grate must be removed. The catch basin must be cleaned out in order for proper functionality.

Why Catch Basins are Important for Tampa Bay Properties

Properties of all types throughout Tampa, Orlando, and Naples should feature catch basins. When working properly, catch basins safeguard the integrity of commercial properties, homes, and other spaces. They combat standing water that not only looks ugly but proves damaging to property as well as people. The lack of a catch basin will allow standing water to damage surfaces and space beneath. Excess water promotes a thriving insect and bacteria population. These little buggers are legitimate threats to your family, your neighbors and everyone who spends time on your property.

The Threat of Water

Standing water forms when the ground becomes overloaded with moisture that doesn’t have anywhere else to move. Such an accumulation of water will inevitably sabotage the integrity of your property including surfaces, plants, and landscaping.

The worst case scenario is an excess of standing water that can’t be removed due to a compromised catch basin. Such water can significantly damage the foundation of your commercial building or home in Tampa. The last thing you need is for water to move beneath your building or parking lot and wreak havoc.

How Many Catch Basins are Necessary?

The slope of the ground at your Tampa, Orlando, or Naples property plays a part in determining the number of catch basins required. The flow rate of stormwater is another factor. Even the area of impermeable surface matters. The size of your Tampa parking lot is also of particular importance.

Lean on ACPLM for your catch basin needs. We’ll analyze your unique Tampa, Naples, or Orlando property, determine the number of catch basins necessary and position them for proper drainage.

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