What is Cold Patch Asphalt Repair?

What is Cold Patch Asphalt Repair?

Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

Aside from being highly resistant, durability, and strength features of asphalt makes it ideal for constructing parking lots, pavement, and roadways. Also, asphalt is more affordable than concrete. Even so, the constant, intense usage, along with exposure to the weather, can cause cracks and potholes to develop. Regular asphalt repair and patching is, therefore, necessary to maintain your parking lot.

The moment cracks start developing; you have two options, either hot or cold patch. Below, we look at the benefits of cold patching and why it’s the best solution for quick, efficient, and reliable parking lot maintenance.

What is Cold Patch Asphalt Repair?

With a cold asphalt patch repair, the holes  are filled with pre-mixed asphalt. This method is far quicker and hassle-free than hot asphalt patching since there is no need to heat the asphalt. The cold repair will typically cost less than hot asphalt repairs.

How Cold Patch Asphalt Repair Works 

1. Cold Patch Asphalt Repair is Good for the Environment 

Cold asphalt paving and repair have been recognized to minimize the environmental costs linked to parking lot and road pavement rehabilitation and maintenance. Since the mixing and subsequent placement of asphalt are done at low temperatures, it translates into significant energy savings. Unlike hot asphalt repair, cold repair helps to reduce fume and other airborne emissions.

2. Reduce congestion with Cold Patch Asphalt Repair

Potholes and cracks on pavements can affect the proper flow of cars in parking lots. Whether it’s on the road or accessing an apartment building, having potholes can cause congestion and contribute to pollution. However, cold asphalt repair can quickly resolve potholes, thus ensuring proper traffic flow is restored. Cold asphalt is usually ready for use immediately after installation as it cures rapidly.

3. Straightforward and Flexible

No high-tech equipment is necessary since the standard asphalt paving equipment can do the job correctly. Its flexibility is also notable as the design of your cold asphalt mix can be modified depending on which types of aggregate you want and your area’s climate. What’s more, cold asphalt paving can be done even during winter, further enhancing its desirability for all-weather situations.

4. No Primers Necessary with Cold Patch Asphalt Repair 

When repairing a driveway or pavement with cold asphalt mixtures, you don’t need to buy primers and tack coats. Cold asphalt mixes are already pre-mixed with primers, which means they are ready for instant application. Provided it is well compacted to a robust base, then everything should be perfect. The only thing to add is sealcoating or pavement sealing to add more durability.

Contact ACPLM for Asphalt Repair in Tampa

Cold asphalt repair may be efficient for some projects. However, ACPLM has other, more effective asphalt and sealcoating options to repair your parking lot. Our team will recommend other options to better repair your asphalt parking lot.

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