What is a Hot Asphalt Patch and How is it Used in Parking Lot Repairs?

What is a Hot Asphalt Patch and How is it Used in Parking Lot Repairs?

Learn more about hot asphalt paving for parking lot repair.

If your asphalt parking lot has a lot of cracks, crevices, and potholes, one option to rejuvenate your lot is a hot asphalt patch. Asphalt patching is a quick, easy way to repair your lot’s damaged areas. Here’s what you need to know about a hot asphalt patch, including how it can be used in your parking lot repairs.

An Explanation of a Hot Asphalt Patch

As the name suggests, a hot asphalt patch uses heated asphalt for asphalt repair. The asphalt is heated to a high temperature and then inserted into the crack or pothole. Equipment is used to compact and level off the hot asphalt so it’s uniform with the rest of the parking lot.

You can use an entirely new layer of asphalt for a hot asphalt patch, or you may opt to have new asphalt mixed with your lot’s old asphalt. The latter method cuts down on the amount of materials used for your asphalt repair, making it as environmentally friendly as possible.

When to Use a Hot Asphalt Patch

Asphalt patching is an excellent alternative if you only have a few damaged areas in your parking lot or if you’re interested in a repair alternative that’s less intensive than asphalt paving for your entire lot. If the rest of your parking lot is in good shape, it’s not necessary to invest in full asphalt resurfacing. Hot asphalt patches also help you maintain your parking lot so that it provides your property with maximum utility.

For example, assume you want to schedule parking lot striping, but some of your spaces have large cavities that render them unusable. Patching is an excellent alternative for these small pockets of damage. The patches will ensure there’s a smooth, uniform surface for your lot’s striping.

Regular parking lot maintenance is important for your asphalt to reach its full lifespan. If you leave potholes and cracks un-repaired, they will get worse over time. As moisture enters these damaged areas, the asphalt will degrade even more. This will worsen the depressions and eventually impact the structural integrity of your entire parking lot.

An asphalt patch is less expensive and less invasive than more in-depth repair options. You’ll only have to mark off the areas that require asphalt repair instead of closing off your whole parking lot.

If you have asphalt that needs a full-surface repair, a patch can temporarily fix the issues and give you a little bit more time to prepare financially and logistically for a longer-lasting repair.

The Difference Between Asphalt Patches

When exploring options for asphalt paving in Tampa, you’ll need to keep the local weather conditions in mind. A cold asphalt patch is another option for asphalt patching, but it’s only suited for periods of cold weather.

Cold asphalt patches are a form of temporary asphalt repair and are used for short-term or emergency fixes. Ideally, cold asphalt patches shouldn’t be used for more than a month. The gravel and asphalt are not heated; while the materials will fill in the crack or pothole, they don’t provide the structure offered by more permanent alternatives. Since they’re not heated, the materials won’t cure and provide your asphalt with the protection it needs from the elements and other sources of moisture.

Due to the short lifespan of cold asphalt patches and Tampa’s warm weather conditions, you’re better off sticking with a hot asphalt patch for your asphalt repair needs. For the best results, hot asphalt patches should be applied when the temperatures are warm. This will prevent the patch from curing too quickly and failing to properly conform to the damaged area.

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