Parking Lot Safety in Orlando

Parking Lot Safety in Orlando

ACPLM is here to keep your Orlando parking lot safe and functional for customers, employees, and guests.

Most people pull into and out of parking lots without thinking about the safety hazards these spaces pose. This portion of your Orlando property is likely to be heavily trafficked. If your Orlando parking lot’s design, flawed condition, or other weak point leads to an accident, you might be responsible for damages. It is imperative your Orlando parking lot is safe for pedestrians as well as those operating motor vehicles. Take heed of these Orlando parking lot safety tips, let professionals¬†repair this important portion of your property as needed and your lot will prove that much safer.

Parking Lot Safety Tips for Drivers

Find a parking spot that lets you drive forward so you don’t have to bother with trying to back out when exiting. Try to park far away from the facility. This additional space will keep you and your vehicle that much farther away from vehicles and pedestrians. Furthermore, a far-away parking spot will prove less vulnerable to wayward shopping carts.

Above all, you should slow your rate of speed when moving through a parking lot. Stay in the lanes designated for traffic as opposed to the parking spaces. Your speed should stay around 10 mph. Do everything you can to avoid putting your vehicle in reverse. It is awfully difficult to see behind your vehicle, especially in a parking lot in which other vehicles block your point of view. Finally, if it rains, reduce your rate of speed below 10 mph. The slower you go the better your chances of avoiding an accident.

Orlando Parking Lot Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Pedestrians should know some drivers will not be able to see them as taller vehicles block their line of vision. This is why pedestrians should be especially aware of their positioning relative to vehicles and traverse this busy portion of the property with caution.

Think of the parking lot as a street that has the potential to become busy. Try to walk on sidewalks and use the crosswalks, so drivers can see you. Do not walk between vehicles. Walk in the parking lot aisles for heightened visibility. Try to position yourself in portions of the parking lot where drivers will be able to see you with ease.

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