Parking Lot Striping Standards for Florida Parking Lots

Parking Lot Striping Standards for Florida Parking Lots

How is parking lot paint applied correctly in Florida parking lots?

When designing a parking lot, professionals must comply with different state guidelines to maintain order and safety among all the vehicles moving in and out. This includes local authorities’ parking lot striping standards. So, to help you through the process, here are the parking lot striping standards you should follow when installing a parking lot.

Size Requirements

One of the most important parking lot striping standards to remember in Florida will be size requirements. Generally, your parking stripes should be four to six inches wide. In addition, the lines should be 15 millimeters thick, which usually requires two coats, to ensure that they are visible to drivers.

Pavement Markings

Understanding what different pavement markings mean is important to ensure that you organize your traffic flow.

Here are the common markings used in Florida parking lots to guide drivers:

Directional Markings

General directional markings help guide drivers within the lot. For your understanding, here are the common markings you will need to include in your Florida parking lot:

  • Lines – White lines should be used to separate traffic moving in the same direction. Solid white lines may also designate a stop line to signal the vehicle to stop at that point. On the other hand, broken yellow lines indicate that your vehicle can pass if the way is clear.
  • Crosswalks – Crosswalks are the areas where vehicles must stop to allow pedestrians to go in or out of the lot. These should be marked for drivers to see.
  • Arrows – Arrows help direct traffic flow by showing drivers the permissible movements at intersections. If there are areas where drivers can only turn one way, you must have an arrow pointing to that direction.

No Parking Areas

You can use diagonal, yellow cross lines to specify no parking areas, which refer to paved areas where drivers cannot park. The lines should be equidistant from each other.

Fire Lanes

According to the Florida Fire Prevention Code, your parking lot should have designated fire lanes to provide the Fire Department. These areas should have yellow diagonal stripes four inches high and the words “No Parking Fire Lane” spelled out in the front half of the parking space.

Handicap Accessibility

All business parking lots need to create accessible parking spaces for disabled persons, as per the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Your parking lot should have a five-foot accessible aisle. This aisle is for cars and an eight-foot accessible aisle for handicap-accessible vans.

In terms of parking lot striping standards, the Florida Statute requires that you mark each accessible parking space with a six-inch-wide blue line within two inches of the standard white line. Aside from this, you should also allocate a minimum 60-inch access aisle between parking spaces, which you mark with a diagonal stripe to designate as a no parking area.

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