What is the Best Temperature for Paving Parking Lots?

What is the Best Temperature for Paving Parking Lots?

When should you schedule asphalt paving for parking lots?

Paving parking lots has the potential to backfire unless the conditions are just right. Temperature is of particular importance. Parking lot paving is best performed in the summer as opposed to the winter simply because the temperature is higher in the summer. The summer months provide long days with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures and the best weather for curing.

Let’s take a closer look at why the warm summer months are optimal for paving parking lots.

Warmth Enhances Sealcoating When Paving Commerical Parking Lots

The blazing hot summer sun is certainly harsh on the skin yet it is perfect for curing newly-laid asphalt parking lots. Summer is the best time of the year to pave a parking lot as it guarantees the asphalt will have an effective sealcoating drying time that stands the test of time. The bottom line is your parking lot needs warmth and time to fully cure and ensure the newly paved surface can withstand the winter’s toll.

The Importance of Heat and Sun When Paving

In the context of paving a parking lot, heat and sun are absolutely essential. The sun’s heat is ideal for newly-laid asphalt. As soon as the asphalt is laid, it needs some time to settle or “cure.” The heat ensures pavement cures quickly when subjected to the sun’s heat. Alternatively, paving parking lots when it is comparably cool subjects the asphalt to cold air, rain, and overcast skies that block out the sun. This cold air ultimately slows the curing process.

Extended Daylight for Paving

Summer days are quite long compared to winter days. The extra daylight provides paving teams with more time to perfect your parking lot pavement project. Longer days provide them with a larger window to complete this project accurately and thoroughly. This way, there is no need to stretch out the parking lot paving project across several days. Everything from preparing the project to laying, paving and the curing process will be done quicker than in the winter. This is also the ideal time to perform pavement repairs as exposure to cold temperatures and rain will only worsen gouges, cracks, and other maintenance issues.

Summer Parking Lot Projects are Cost-efficient

If you have a large parking lot or several spaces that need to be paved, do not wait until the fall or spring. Get these projects out of the way in the summer when the air is warm and the days are long. It might be possible to complete these projects in fewer days thanks to the extra sunlight. Fewer days worked means a lower price.

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