Preventing Potholes and Other Pavement Issues

Preventing Potholes and Other Pavement Issues

If you are like most business owners, you have spent good money on pavement installation and maintenance. It only makes sense to spend on pavement repairs to preserve your investment for the years to come. Pavement repair in Tampa is quite cheap compared to the alternative: an expensive full replacement that takes much more time and has the potential to interfere with the course of business. You have the power to prevent parking lot potholes as well as cracks. Do not underestimate the safety hazards posed by these pavement flaws.

The Power of Patching

Patching is much more than a mere band-aid for your compromised pavement. This technique is central to pavement repair in Tampa. Patching involves a filling of asphalt pavement potholes or excavated spaces. The timely repair of disintegrated pavement and potholes is essential for minimizing deterioration and the potentially costly repair of pavement. Delay patching and it will only be a matter of time until moisture moves on down to the subgrade and causes some truly nasty pavement failures.

Pavement can be repaired with a thin surface patching or a full-depth patching. Our pavement repair in Tampa team can help you determine the type of patching ideal for your unique property. In general, deep patching is more of a permanent repair while thin patches are temporary solutions. Opt for deep patching and the full pavement surface layer will be removed even if it is overly-thick or thin. All-in-all about four or more inches worth of pavement surface will be removed.

Preserve the Integrity of Your Parking Lot With Crack Sealing

The best time to perform crack sealing is when asphalt is in decent condition. Crack sealing combined with proper drainage is by far the most important form of surface maintenance. The vast majority of pavement problems are tied to water seeping into the structure of the pavement. If water is blocked from moving out of the pavement, problems will either be delayed for an extended period of time or completely halted.
Opt for crack filling and you will rest easy knowing your pavement is protected against the threat of water seeping below the pavement structure. This approach to pavement repair in Tampa prevents materials from moving into the crack and spurring even more deterioration as the pavement contracts and expands when the temperature fluctuates.

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