Sealcoating Contractors in Tampa

Sealcoating Contractors in Tampa

Every business owner and manager will benefit from tapping into the expertise of asphalt sealcoating contractors. If you have not had your parking lot sealcoated in the past couple years or if you are unsure of why this protective layer is so important, it is time to meet with asphalt sealcoating contractors.

An Explanation of Asphalt Sealcoating

Seal coat is best defined as a liquid barrier added to asphalt parking lots. This barrier serves as a robust layer of protection against sunlight, damage from auto traffic, and even weather oxidation. Once asphalt sealcoating contractors add seal coat to your parking lot, you won’t have to worry about threats like the sun’s harsh UV rays, violent rainstorms, spilled oil, gas, or antifreeze.

The Merits of Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating serves a number of purposes beyond protecting pavement against the sun, rain, and automotive oils. Even if you are not concerned about voids and the other potential forms of damage noted above, you should give serious consideration to sealcoating as it refreshes your lot’s appearance. Once asphalt sealcoating contractors work their magic, your asphalt will have a uniform color.

Take before-and-after pictures of your lot and you will notice a dramatic visual improvement after the sealcoat is applied. Add in the fact that asphalt sealcoating helps increase the useful life of asphalt pavement and it is easy to understand why so many business owners invest in sealcoating every couple years.

The Sealcoat Process

Highly specialized equipment is necessary to ensure the perfect sealcoat. The surface must be cleaned with blowers and sweepers to ensure firm adhesion. Asphalt sealcoating contractors use pressurized spray equipment, squeegee machine, and several other machines in accordance with the details of each particular property. Most sealcoating projects require two coats. Curing will take a day or two. Once cured, vehicles can move along the surface without causing marring or other damage.

If the asphalt in question is brand new, it will require a year or so before sealcoating can be added. Fresh asphalt contains excess oil that takes some time to fully dry. If your property has heavy traffic, your sealcoating might last a year or two years.

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