How to Prepare for ADA Parking Lot Striping in Tampa, Florida

How to Prepare for ADA Parking Lot Striping in Tampa, Florida

It’s time to get your parking lot striping fully compliant with the rules of the ADA.

If you let your parking lot paint fade it will do more than diminish the visual appeal of your property. Faded parking lot paint also impacts the flow of traffic. Your parking lot should have clearly identified parking spaces, arrows that indicate the direction of traffic, and accessible parking lot spaces for handicapped drivers/passengers.

The failure to comply with ADA regulations or failing to properly direct traffic has the potential to damage vehicles and harm individuals. If such damage or harm occurs, your organization will likely face at least one personal injury lawsuit. This is precisely why parking lot paint should be reapplied at regular intervals. The reapplication of ADA compliant parking lot striping in Tampa will keep your property looking fresh, clean, and easy to navigate.

The Importance of Dry Pavement for ADA Parking Lot Striping in Tampa

The pavement must be thoroughly dry before striping can be applied. Make sure all sources of water such as sprinklers are turned off. Turn off these water sources at least a full day prior to the start of the striping project. The sprinkler system should remain off for at least another full day after the striping is applied.

The Parking Lot Inspection

Parking lot striping is important yet fresh new lines on an otherwise flawed parking lot will only do so much. This is why it is so important to have potholes and cracks patched and filled before starting any work on the line striping project. Our parking lot striping team in Tampa is here to help with all aspects of your parking lot.

Consider Parking Accommodations During the Tampa ADA Parking Lot Striping Job

Parking arrangements must be made for the day of the striping project. The entire lot must be cleared for ADA parking lot striping in Tampa to be done properly. The area cordoned off for the project will remain closed until the paint has fully dried. Provide all customers, employees, tenants, and other relevant parties with advanced notice of the striping job. This way, they will have ample time to make alternative parking plans.

The Cleanup Process

Striping can’t be performed on a dirty parking lot. If necessary, work with the professionals for a thorough cleaning and sweeping prior to the striping project. Once the parking lot is free of trash, gravel, excess dirt, rocks, and other debris that could hinder painting progress, the application of new ADA parking lot striping on your Tampa property can commence.

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