The Technology that Makes PolyTar Superior

The Technology that Makes PolyTar Superior

The polymer link to longer life:
GemSeal PolyTar made by Bonsal American is the first major advancement in pavement sealer technology since the early 1950s. How does it work? Chemists and engineers will tell you about high molecular weight polymers cross-linked with refined coal tar. Sounds impressive, but more significantly, PolyTar outperforms all other sealers on the market today, exhibiting superior wear resistance and better adhesion to the pavement surface.

It’s a matter of give and take:
Asphalt has a hard life. Summer heat causes asphalt to expand. Winter cold causes asphalt to shrink. Dramatic temperature changes can occur in a single day! In either case, it is important for the sealer to “give and take” (flex) with the pavement. Otherwise, cracks and small openings will appear in the coating, allowing fuel, water and other damaging materials to seep in (penetrate). As moisture, heat and ultraviolet sunlight deteriorate exposed pavement, the need for expensive repaving or repairs is accelerated. PolyTar expands and contracts with the pavement surface, allowing the sealcoat to better protect and prolong the service life of the pavement.

Tested in a lab; proven on the field:
GemSeal engineered PolyTar in 1983. Laboratory tests showed promise. But the real proof in performance came from more than 25 years of actual use by hundreds of satisfied customers and property owners. Trust PolyTar to protect and preserve your valuable asphalt pavement.

Cost Effective:
PolyTar is more than just an advanced technology sealer. PolyTar requires less mixing time and is easy to apply. No need for expensive latex modifiers. And, for a modest increase in cost, PolyTar provides up to twice the life of conventional sealers, delivering fewer interruptions in applications over the life of your pavement. PolyTar delivers real value for your money!

With PolyTar, asphalt has finally found a friend:
Poly-Tar is the first pavement sealer to incorporate elasticity and flexibility through binder polymerization providing a durable, cost effective pavement coating. Poly-Tar provides improved fuel resistance, stronger surface adhesion, and has better cohesion for maximum wear resistance.

Superior technology, Outstanding Service:
GemSeal Poly-Tar has forged a tradition in quality and is backed by our industry-leading customer service. We stand behind every product to ensure that every gallon meets or exceeds the most demanding expectations. Each plant is equipped with a modern onsite lab to ensure every gallon of Poly-Tar meets ASTM specifications and is certified before it leaves any of our production facilities. Our philosophy is still the same…create the best product possible, and then provide the best possible service to the customer.

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