What to Look for in Professional Asphalt Contractors

What to Look for in Professional Asphalt Contractors

Select the right asphalt contractor for your parking lot services.

Whether your organization is seeking new asphalt paving, pavement repair, or maintenance services, selecting the correct Paving contractor is the most important step of the entire process. Choosing an experienced company leads to great results and cost-efficiency, while settling for sub-par contractors may cost you considerably more in resources long-term.

Licensed and Insured Contractors

Tampa paving contractors should be certified and licensed as an absolute baseline and unlicensed companies shouldn’t even be considered. This would mean that the company in question holds a valid Contractor’s License specifically in the state where they offer services and that the asphalt equipment workers be adequately trained with all necessary tools and materials.

In addition, be sure to choose asphalt contractors that carry sufficient insurance. All contractors have to be insured to some measure, but many unfortunately opt for the bare minimum to remain legally viable. Should an incident on your property occur, you may not be entirely protected. A trustworthy contractor should hold commercial general liability, vehicle liability, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Proper Range of Services

It’s not too uncommon for a general contractor to take on a project that they may not necessarily be familiar with. When seeking asphalt contractors, take the time to connect with the company both online and via phone. Inquire about the range of services the company provides and learn about their experience with all of the services offered. Whether you need asphalt crack filling or other forms of repair, you need to know the company you’re considering can appropriately diagnose the procedures for the task.

Experience and Industry Knowledge

While it’s true that all businesses have to begin somewhere, it’s best that your asphalt parking lot project not be a contractor’s first foray into commercial paving. Considered pavement contractors should carry a fair number of years in services specifically devoted to asphalt services — ten years is an adequate minimum, but decades or more is always preferred.

The contractors you connect with for a quote should also be knowledgeable and freely willing to display that knowledge. The best asphalt companies will provide detailed explanations during the quoting process and should be able to convey this information to you in honest, easy to understand terms.

Adequate Staffing and Equipment

The process of asphalt paving is not a simple job. It demands time, energy, and a mastery of specific skill sets. It’s also not a job that should be taken on by an undermanned or under-equipped company. Typical asphalt paving crews are made up of anywhere from 4-10 workers, depending on the task. If a “team” shows up with two men and a roller, you know you’ve perhaps picked the wrong pavers for a commercial-level project…

Positive Reviews

The digital age means you have far greater resources at your fingertips than ever before. This can be invaluable when choosing asphalt contractors, as perusing real reviews from unbiased sources can clue you into how a business operates, its proficiency, and its relationship with past customers. Gathering reviews from sources, such as Google, can be immensely useful. Check the potential contractor’s website to see if there are testimonials from previous customers.

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