Asphalt Damage Condo Residents Should Be Aware Of

Asphalt Damage Condo Residents Should Be Aware Of

Every condo will suffer asphalt damage sooner or later.

Condo owners should be aware of any asphalt damage on the property. From an owner’s point of view, asphalt damage is a visual flaw, but asphalt damage is a structural threat to the property’s integrity that will eventually lead to even more problems.

Condominium Asphalt Repair: Potholes and Beyond

From alligator cracking to linear cracks, potholes, line markings fading away and so on, there are all sorts of things that require condominium asphalt repair. The elements are certainly responsible for some damage, but spills, pressure from vehicles, and aging are also threats.
Potholes are one of the most common forms of condominium asphalt damage. This form of damage usually pops up in the wet spring. Moisture within the base below creates instability and the subsequent damage in the form of a pothole. If temperatures go down to the freezing point, the thawing cycle will make it that much easier for heaving and water infiltration that causes potholes.

The heavy pressure from above creates these holes that typically measure a maximum of three to five inches in depth. Potholes can extend to multiple feet in diameter, posing quite the threat to vehicle tires as well as the feet of pedestrians.

Linear Cracking

The asphalt’s cold seams are most vulnerable to linear cracking. If linear cracks are not tended to by our condominium asphalt repair team, they will advance to the point that they contribute to large pavement failures. This form of cracking is a threat to the appearance and functionality of your property.

Alligator Cracking

Fatigue cracking, also known as alligator cracking, looks similar to alligator skin. Heavy traffic causes this form of damage that often leads to some rather nasty potholes. Such holes usually form smack dab in the middle of alligator cracks.

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