What to do If Your Parking Lot Floods

How to manage a flooded parking lot.

Dealing with a flooded parking lot is never a fun experience for property managers. Unfortunately, parking lot flooding can occur for many reasons. Whether it’s a bad drainage system, a poorly designed parking lot, or flash floods, knowing how to keep flood damage to a minimum is essential to saving money while protecting your property. Working with a company specializing in parking lot drainage services is also a great way to remain proactive to ensure your pavement is well-prepared for any type of water damage.

Here are tips to follow if you are ever dealing with flooding in your parking lot.

Inspect Your Drainage System

Any issues with your drainage system can cause your parking lot to flood. A lack of maintenance for an extended period can often cause your drainage system to become clogged with debris. All of this debris will only cause flooding to get worse, which is why it’s important to contact professionals to clean out your catch basin.

Sometimes repairs are also needed to ensure your drainage system will work in the future. Taking a proactive approach by keeping your parking lot drainage system well-maintained is the best way to avoid these issues.

Schedule Parking Lot Repairs

Flooding throughout your parking lot can cause significant problems for the pavement. Standing water is a major concern as it weakens the base of your asphalt, which increases the chance of cracks and potholes.

All these damages will decrease the lifespan of your pavement, and they also create liability risks. Working with an experienced contractor is essential in getting these repairs fixed. Scheduling these repairs will keep your parking lot in great condition while also boosting the curb appeal of your property.

Consider Petromat Installation

Petromat overlays can also play a key role in limiting the damage from a flooded parking lot. This innovative system helps to decrease flood damage by using a polypropylene fabric-based water barrier that’s placed between pavement layers. Using a petromat is especially important for parking lots that often flood due to a high-water table or a poor drainage system. Pretromat overlays can increase the durability of your asphalt pavement, and it’s an eco-friendly design that’s perfect for many parking lots.

Add Slope to Your Parking Lot

A lack of slope can cause standing water to appear throughout your parking lot. Sometimes a parking lot can be sloped the wrong way due to poor installation. All this water can damage your asphalt, and it also creates safety risks for anyone that visits your property.

A parking lot that isn’t sloped can also cause compliance violations with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reaching out to an asphalt professional to inspect your parking lot is important to determine if repairs are needed to fix the slope of your parking lot to make sure it will easily drain excess water.

Install Curbing

Curbs are often overlooked, but they play a key role in preventing your parking lot from flooding. Installing curbs for water management on your property makes it easier to control the flow of water from higher ground while keeping any damage to a minimum. These curbs can direct excess water toward a drain to ensure your parking lot can easily withstand storms.

Concrete curbs are often a popular choice for property managers due to their durability. Hiring a professional to install curbs on your property is always recommended to help you avoid dealing with a flooded parking lot.

Learn More Tips for Repairing a Flooded Parking Lot

ACPLM offers parking lot drainage solutions for a wide range of clients throughout Florida. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the asphalt and concrete industry. We can easily make repairs to your storm drain, add new curbing, or even provide full-depth reclamation to give your parking lot a much stronger base.

ACPLM also offers many other services, such as asphalt repair, parking lot striping, maintenance, catch basin repairs, sealcoating, and much more.

Feel free to give ACPLM a call today if you are dealing with a flooded parking lot!